So Beautiful I Could Cry.

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Daniel attempts to get away by himself, Nicole makes amends, and EJ has a warning for Eric.

"Eric. Yo Eric," Nicole bellows at the rectory before calling Sister Anne and learning he's taking a nap. Meanwhile, Eric's having a nightmare and wakes up yelling, "Don't. Please!" He shows up a while later grumpy when Nicole tells him what she heard. He asks her to drop off documents to the Kiriakis mansion. She complains that Maggie may turn the dogs on her. Eric suggests she ask Maggie for forgiveness.

Jennifer staggers downstairs at home and tells Abigail she's been throwing up all night. She feels guilty that Daniel will never be a surgeon again. She has to make this right.

Maggie shows up at Daniel's place to offer a hug and support and to place blame on Jennifer. She encourages him to get back to work but he wants to take time off. He can't face Jennifer's pity. "It's suffocating." He admits there is no chance for him and Jenn. Maggie suggests he go to the Horton cabin on Smith Island to drop off medical supplies. They store them there for the entire island. It's remote, which sells Daniel on the idea.

Kristen's giddy in her hotel room while telling EJ her plans are going swimmingly. "It's so beautiful I could cry." He's annoyed she's being so cryptic. "Sorry 'Eej' but I don't want to jinx it." It'll all be clear to everyone soon. EJ says they're beginning to grow undisturbed between him and Sami but he could 'do without Hernandez sticking his nose in'. In a round-about way, "Eej" asks Kristen to keep Rafe 'occupied' for him. Kristen laughs but she's too busy.

At Mandalay, Marlena flashes to Brady and Kristen having sex and is about to spill the beans when Brady interrupts. John gets a business call and Brady notices Marlena seems a little off. John returns and Marlena runs off. John explains that things are tense and leaves. Eric calls Kristen to meet up later. She urges him to be careful he's not seen. Nearby, Eric runs into EJ and says the building fund would like to use EJ's photo as former mayor for fundraising. EJ's fine with that. Eric wants them to get along. They talk about how Sami and Eric have always fought and EJ warns him about Nicole who is up to her old tricks.

Daniel arrives at the hospital to sign off for a few days and puts Maxine in charge. He bumps into Jenn who tells him she's not feeling pity for him but he "can't do this" and runs off. After begging, Jenn learns where Daniel's going. Marlena arrives. She wonders why Kristen didn't tell Brady she walked in on them. Kristen walks up and tells her she knows what Marlena saw. It was just "one of those things." Marlena tells her to shut her mouth. They go back and forth until John arrives and hears Kristen asking if Marlena's going to tell him.

Nicole drops off a package at Maggie's and asks to make amends. Maggie lets her in and Nicole apologizes for what she did to Jenn and Daniel. Maggie thanks her but has to run to get a phone call. Nicole eavesdrops as Maggie tells Hope that Daniel's going to the Horton cabin. Nicole texts Eric to tell him she has a sick friend and won't be home tonight.

Daniel arrives at the cabin and notices his tremors before flashing to Maggie thanking him for saving Philip's life. Nicole arrives. He's not fit for company. She'll stay out of his way and read. He just wants space. There's a huge bang. A branch fell off the generator so he goes to investigate. She builds a fire. Jenn shows up and Nicole blasts her and tells her she had her chance. "You should leave before he gets back," she says. Jenn's upset.

Maggie finds Brady glowing and smiling at the square. He feels like his life has turned around. She makes him promise it's legal. She worries but he assures her he's "solid."

Sneak peek!

Jennifer collapses at the island. They need to get her to the hospital!

Sami apologizes to Eric.

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