Robot Lobster.

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Eric learns Will's gay, Gabi's happy that Will relinquished parental rights, and Marlena gets an eyeful.

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Marlena walks in on Brady making love to Kristen. She tries closing her eyes to get the picture out of her brain but when she opens them, they're still going at it.

Rafe walks through the square where he sees EJ promising Sami that Nicole won't hurt Eric. They leave and Eric runs into Rafe. They talk about how Sami's a piece of work but that Rafe was happy with her. Eric leaves.

At the pub, Gabi's sure they'll lose the people they love if they are honest and they'll still have to raise the baby. Nick shows up and asks Will what he decided. Will doesn't like the lies but agrees to go through with it. Thrilled, Gabi hugs him and runs to work. Will warns Nick not to let the kid down. "Don't look like you're taking a bullet for me," Will says. He asks that Nick not rub it in, either. He leaves and runs into Eric. They catch up and Will blurts out that he's gay. Eric "isn't in the judgement business." If he ever needs to talk, Eric's there. They discuss football and then Uncle Eric runs off for a nap.

John drinks coffee at the Coffee Bean and flashes to going to Kristen's hotel room. He calls Marlena, who ignores the call because Kristen has seen her before she runs from the room. Nick and Gabi walk into the cafe and tell Sonny their news. Will turns up. Sonny thinks he now knows the secret Will's been keeping. Will's such a good friend. Sonny says that's the last big secret he is allowed to keep.

Sami and EJ are in her office discussing Nicole likely being Eric's only lover. EJ asks Sami to trust Eric to run his own life. They've a campaign to finish. They agree they make a better team than her and Kristen. Johnny's teacher texts Sami with a drawing of a robot lobster which Johnny thinks resembles Syd. They gush over what great parents they are.

Gabi finds Rafe in the square and gushes about marrying Nick. Rafe isn't thrilled but hugs her.

Marlena runs into John at Manadalay. She asks him to get her water while wondering how she'll tell him about Brady and Kristen. Billie turns up to apologize for telling her she saw John at Salem Inn. John returns and Billie leaves them alone. That's why John's been calling her, to tell her about Kristen. He flashes to Kristen telling him she lost the lipstick and it may have wound up in his pocket when she hugged him. Marlena thinks Kristen planted it deliberately. John assures her nothing happened. She knows.

In Kristen's bed, she talks about how much of a mistake this is. Brady disagrees. "It's a good thing this body doesn't lie the way you do," he says. He tells her not to think about it and kisses her before he goes. Kristen flashes to asking John about the prototype and to Brady turning up for sex.

Rafe catches EJ on the way out of Sami's office. "Officer, you look more dour than usual." EJ makes sure to tell Rafe how well he and Sami are working together. They finish each other's thoughts. "Oh wow... guess what I'm thinking," Rafe snarks. He heads in and tells Sami that Gabi's giddy over marrying Nick. She's happy. Rafe asks if Sami will be a mentor/girlfriend to Gabi. She would love to. Rafe gets up to go and Sami asks if he needs her. He leaves and mutters, "If you only knew."

Brady rushes into the mansion and gets blasted by Victor. They were supposed to be on a conference call an hour ago.

EJ visits Kristen at the Inn and she happily tells him everything is coming together for her. She does a little dance. "What did you do?" She answers, "Oh a little of this and a little of that."

Sneak peek!

Daniel goes to the Horton cabin. Jenn follows.

Nicole hears Eric crying out from another nightmare.

Nicole makes amends to someone.

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