Lipstick On A Pig.

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Daniel gets bad news, Brady visits Kristen, and Sami works with EJ.

Lipstick On A Pig. image

EJ and Sami share a laugh at the office over a drawing of lipstick on a pig as they work on her new campaign. Sami gets a call from Abby who is watching the kids. Sami tells EJ she has to get the kids. She invites him to help her bring the work and continue at home.

Brady embraces Kristen in her room. They kiss and he says he came to make sure she wouldn't tell John about Marlena being there. Kristen says she won't, and doesn't intend to press charges. She then asks what he really wants. "I know what this is about." Brady thinks they both do. Kristen doesn't want to make this into something it isn't. Brady says that's not what she told Father Tobias. Kristen orders him out. He refuses and grabs her. They kiss roughly and end up on the bed having sex.

Nick tells Gabi, in her room, that he loves her and wants to give her the best life possible. Will arrives and asks what she wants to do about the baby. Will talks about Sonny walking away from him when he finds out. Nick thinks there's a way to make this work for everyone. They bicker about whether the baby is 'a mistake'. Will says it definitely was - though he is his parents' mistake and glad to have been born. Nick suggests he and Gabi raise the child together. Will wonders what would happen when it all comes out. Nick and Gabi want to say Nick is the father. Will feels someone will do the math and the secret could ruin the child's life. Nick asks if he's ready to step up and be a father then. Will needs time, and warns Nick not to pressure him or Gabi. Nick says people already think he's the father, so Will needs to decide. Gabi and Will discuss the situation. Will agrees to think about it.

Nicole tells Eric at the rectory, "All moved into the nunnery!" She tells him she's not a computer whiz, but will make up for it with her sparkling personality. She says Daniel is behind her, but he doesn't believe her. They bicker about whether it's realistic. Nicole tells him to relax - she and Daniel will both be fine. Nicole tells Eric he's always been a little 'holier than thou' and stomps off.

Jennifer and Daniel are upset at the hospital that the treatment has failed. Dr. Lewis tells him his condition is permanent. Jenn tears up. Daniel tells her he's fine and rushes out - he runs into Maggie. He says he needs a minute. Jenn tells Maggie she's so sorry. Maggie says she should - it's all her fault! She says he never would have pursued this drug trial if she hadn't convinced him nothing could go wrong. Maggie's heart is broken for him.

Daniel arrives home and sits in the dark. There is a knock - it's Nicole wanting to see how the treatment went. He says he's not sure, but she realizes it didn't work. She says she's truly sorry. Daniel asks to be alone. When Nicole starts blaming Jennifer, Daniel becomes livid and orders her out. Jennifer arrives. She says she pushed him to do this. Daniel denies he went through with it just because she asked. She reaches for him, but he flinches - he doesn't need her pity. Jenn's offended, and says she admires and respects him. Daniel tells her to go and to stay away from him. She cries.

EJ and Sami join the kids at the Horton house and they laugh while asking Johnny what he thinks they should name the lipstick. "You should call it what it is." They put him to bed and decide to take his advice and name the lipstick 'Proof'. Sami and EJ horse around. He says goodnight. Outside, he leaves Kristen a message that her plan to install him as Samantha's boss is going swimmingly.

Nicole returns to Eric's office and tells him she tried to be a friend to Daniel, but doesn't know how. Eric assures her she'll get over Daniel and says she isn't alone. Nicole's glad he's in a good place and is happy. Later, Eric flinches and sweats in his sleep and snaps awake suddenly.

Sneak peek!

Brady and Kristen wake up together after making love.

John and Marlena's arguing intensifies and she almost admits she broke in to Kristen's room.

Kristen calls John and asks to see him.

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