Acting Like A Complete Idiot.

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Caroline has an apology, Kristen confesses, and Nick proposes.

Acting Like A Complete Idiot. image

At the hospital, Dr. Lewis is about to start the procedure when Daniel has momentary second thoughts. He's injected. Jenn looks giddy. Lewis says the patients seem to feel a change within the hour. Maxine hugs Daniel and gives him a message of love from Maggie, who had a work emergency at Chez Rouge. He and Jenn leave for the pub.

Will finds Sonny working at the cafe, and flashes to Nick asking him to keep quiet about the paternity. "I really wanna be with you right now," Will says. The guys run off.

Gabi gets breakfast in bed from Nick. She's feeling well. They make-up with apologies and a kiss and wind up in bed. Nick gets intense. He wants to marry Gabi and raise her child. He kisses her hard and begs her to say yes. He has always wanted to be a part of a real family and asks her to keep the paternity a secret. Gabi's not so sure. She wraps herself in a sheet and gets up. Nick trash talks Will but says he'll be there for her. Gabi straightens him out and tells him Will's been wonderful. Downstairs at the pub, Eric arrives. Caroline hugs him and he notices she's upset. She's ashamed because she hurt Daniel Jonas badly. She can't even look Eric in the eye. She tells him about Parker's paternity test switch. Eric's supportive. He leaves as Jenn and Daniel walk in. Jenn goes to take a call while Caroline goes to Daniel. He's glad to see her home. Caroline brings up changing the paternity test. She can't make it up to him but she intends to try for the rest of her life. She cries but he calls it ancient history. Jenn eavesdrops from the bar but doesn't interrupt. Daniel has forgiven Caroline. She looks relieved. Daniel leaves the room and Caroline talks him up to Jenn, who in turn flashes to Daniel confessing his love for her. She smiles and takes off for the hospital with Daniel. Eric returns and hears what Caroline did. She feels a great weight has been lifted and thanks Eric who will make a wonderful priest. "I sure hope so," he murmurs to himself.

At the rectory, Father Tobias takes Kristen's confession. She's worried she'll make the same mistake she has in the past. Outside the room, Brady listens intently and makes noise. Kristen jumps but gets back to it. She talks about trying to be the better person with Marlena who refuses to believe she has changed. She confesses someone - not John, has touched her heart. She alludes to it being Brady but doesn't know what to do. Tobias tells her to think of the ten commandments but that just makes her itchy and she cringes. She doesn't feel truly contrite and thanks him but she can't go on. She runs away.

Will and Sonny make love at his place and afterward, Will plays a shoot-em-up video game. He's distant because he is keeping a secret from Sonny but assures him it's not about them. Sonny sighs. Will heard from his father that Sonny loves him. Sonny confirms it. He wishes he had told Will first. "I really love you." Will loves him, too. He has felt it for a while but worried he'd scare him off if he said it too early. Will wants him back in bed but Sonny's got to get back to work.

Sonny and Will return to the cafe. A drunken Chad jumps on them and demands to know what Will, Nick and Gabi were discussing, earlier. Will doesn't say. He leaves, mumbling he'll talk to Chad when he's sober and not acting 'like a complete idiot'. Sonny asks Chad what Gabi did to make him hate her so much but Chad will only cryptically tell him to keep Will away from her.

Daniel and Jenn return to the hospital. Daniel hasn't had a tremor the entire hour. It sounds promising. Dr. Lewis does some physical tests with Daniel which don't look good. "I'm afraid the procedure has failed," Dr. Lewis tells him.

Will turns up on Gabi's doorstep.

Brady walks into Kristen's open door at the Salem Inn and they gaze longingly at each other.

Sneak peek!

Nicole tries to be a friend to Daniel...

Eric has some of his own demons.

Brady confesses he overheard Kristen's confession.

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