Best Medicine Is Revenge.

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

EJ gives Chad advice, Marlena is caught, and Rafe and Sami have it out.

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In her room, Gabi is shocked when Nick suggests Chad's the father of her kid. Chad pounds on the door and Nick lets him in. He wants Gabi to tell him the truth. Chad's confused. Will interrupts and they fill him in on what's going on. Will says it's a misunderstanding. Nick agrees and an annoyed Chad leaves. Nick badgers Gabi until Will admits he's the father. Nick reminds Will he's gay. They explain how it happened. Nick digests it and thinks they should keep it to themselves for a while before they make a permanent decision. Will doesn't want to keep it from Sonny forever. Downstairs at the pub, Brady realizes Marlena sent a text from his phone to Kristen and leaves. John shows up and Eric tells him Marlena ditched their lunch date. Why didn't he inform him Kristen was back? John explains Marlena's 'paranoia' and Eric realizes John forgave Kristen.

Rafe arrives at Sami's office with flowers. He fantasizes that she kisses him but wakes up to reality when he finds EJ in her office. He's Sami's new boss. Rafe snorts. He's doing it to make a play for Sami. Sami heads in and EJ leaves them alone. Rafe blasts Sami for lying. She reminds him they had a more pressing discussion with Gabi's issues today. He continues to berate her and she blows up. She's an adult and can make her own decisions. She thinks he's sabotaging any progress they make. "Whoa ho ho ho," Rafe says, and keeps the accusations flying.

Marlena starts reading Kristen's journal in her room when Kristen catches her in the act! "Whatcha doin'? Looking for something?" Marlena already found it and will expose her for the liar and fraud she is. Kristen threatens to call the police but Marlena's not worried. Kristen tries to grab the tablet. They struggle and Kristen falls just as Brady barges in. Kristen weeps crocodile tears. Marlena stands by her break-in, saying Kristen's up to something. Brady asks her to let Marlena read her tablet so Kristen bites her lip and agrees to it. Marlena reads aloud about how Kristen's making an effort to make amends. "It's a set up," Marlena says. Kristen wants to call the cops. Brady stops her and Marlena leaves. Brady asks Kristen to give Marlena more time to see how she has changed the way he has. She agrees not to call the police and he agrees to protect her from Marlena. She calls John but hangs up before he picks up.

On his way to get coffee, EJ bumps into Chad at the square. Chad's sarcasm causes EJ to tell him to stop pining for Melanie. Chad doesn't see EJ as a mentor so EJ suggests he talk to Kristen, who is shrewd and an asset. Chad opens up about wanting revenge on Gabi. EJ imparts his wisdom. "Sometimes the best medicine is revenge." EJ advises to stop ruminating and make her pay.

EJ arrives just as Rafe leaves Sami's office. Sami's eyes keep straying to her flowers. She puts them in water and calls Abigail to babysit. They get back to work.

Rafe walks into the Coffee Bean and makes a quick call to Gabi to see how she's doing.

Marlena comes across John at the square. He tells her Kristen just called. Marlena asks him to return the call.

Sneak peek!

Caroline returns to Salem.

Brady eavesdrops on a confession.

Eric offers Nicole a job.

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