Crawl Back Under Your Rock.

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Marlena is caught, Sami blurts out Gabi's secret, and Gabi and Will make a decision.

Crawl Back Under Your Rock. image

In Brady's hospital room, Kristen tells John she left him voicemail messages about Brady's attack. He insists he never received them. What kind of game is she playing? Kristen shows him her call history and he apologizes for jumping to conclusions. He knows what happened. He leaves with Marlena trailing behind. He's incensed and blames Marlena for deleting the messages. She attempts to blame Kristen but he yells that this is her fault. Maggie barges into Brady's room after hearing what had happened. She and Kristen awkwardly catch up and Kristen leaves them alone and finds Marlena and John. Marlena admits she deleted the messages and knows Kristen already knew that. Kristen claims she's clueless. Marlena wonders why she didn't call anyone else. Kristen doesn't have anyone else's number. Marlena goes at her but John comes between them. "Leave her alone." Back in Brady's room, he fills Maggie in on the mugging. He has had hangovers that have felt much worse than this. In the waiting room, Marlena keeps badgering Kristen who realizes there is no getting past the past. Marlena tells her, "Crawl back under your rock you conniving bitch." Kristen leaves and John calls after her making Marlena pissed. He doesn't even know her anymore. Marlena is positive Kristen hired the muggers. Marlena refuses to be Kristen's victim anymore. She breaks down, telling him she wants him on her side. He asks her to move on - for him. She doesn't answer. He leaves her wondering when they stopped talking. In his room, Brady is told by Maggie to take care of himself instead of his parents. She leaves and Kristen returns for her phone and thanks him for coming to her rescue. She leaves and John returns. Brady can tell he's upset. He thinks his dad is right about Kristen. Meanwhile, Kristen returns to Marlena. She has just one more thing to say. "Thank-you." She leaves and Marlena narrows her eyes.

In her office, Sami breaks Gabi's confidence by telling Rafe Nick and Gabi are dating. Rafe flies off the handle. Sami points out that they're in love. "Beautiful. That's just beautiful," Rafe exclaims. They've known each other for five minutes. Sami advises Rafe not to judge them. He listens to her advice and realizes there's more. Sami talks up how Nick's a better person now and blurts out that Gabi's pregnant. Rafe digests the news and learns Gabi didn't want him to know. He realizes the last thing she would need is for him to read the riot act. They leave together to see Gabi.

In her room, Gabi shows Will a family planning website. If she has an abortion will he hate her? He could never hate her no matter what. This is her life, her body and her choice. Gabi says if he can't live with it, she can't do it. She needs his input. Her life will change more than his. He'll back her no matter what she decides. They consider adoption but she's sure her family would pressure her to keep the child. They discuss it at length and agree the abortion is the way to go. It's $350.00 and Gabi wants to pay cash but she only has $90.00 after tuition. Will has $48.00 but he'll get the rest. They'll do it today. They leave. Rafe and Sami rush into the pub looking for Gabi. Rafe's hard on Nick who tells him she's upstairs. Rafe rushes to Gabi's room while Sami apologizes for Rafe. It's not every day you find out your sister's pregnant. Nick gasps.

Lucas heads into the Coffee bean and tells Sonny he was out of line. He hasn't a problem with anyone who is gay but never thought his son would be gay. He knows he has to accept things. They've one thing in common. Both love Will. They agree that it's best to get along. Lucas leaves and Will goes to Sonny to borrow $200.00 - no questions asked. Sonny only has $150 on him and hands it over. Will says last night meant a lot, before he wanders away.

Gabi is waiting in the park for Will when Lucas comes across her. Will turns up saying he only got $150.00, making Lucas question them.

Sneak peek!

Eric talks a little about why he became a priest.

Nicole comes face-to-face with Jennifer.

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