Behave Like Sir Galahad.

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Marlena realizes she deleted important messages from Kristen, and Gabi gets morning sickness.

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Sami finds Will at the cafe looking forlorn. She asks him to speak with Gabi who is in trouble. Will flashes to learning he's the father of Gabi's child and says he'll help her. Sami wonders if he already knows, since he's not begging her for more information. She tells him Eric's back and he mutters about having school work before leaving.

Sonny shows up on Gabi's doorstep. He heard she was sick and offers to help. Nick turns up with a tray of food and takes Sonny aside to ask if he'll get Chad to back off from getting in Gabi's face. Gabi takes a quick call from Sami and lets her know she hasn't told Rafe or Nick her news. She'll handle it in her own way. Sonny leaves and Gabi throws up after seeing the eggs Nick prepared. Ciara and Theo play downstairs at the pub. Ciara misses daddy and grandma. Kayla tells them they're going to be home sooner than they thought. Caroline will be able to try the new protocol for Alzheimer's in Salem. Abe tells Kayla and Hope that Theo's teachers are worried about him withdrawing at school. They discuss Caroline's treatment and how well Nick's working out. They gossip about love being in the air for Nick and Gabi. Upstairs, Gabi dresses and blames her nausea on a bug. Downstairs, Theo tells everyone he talks to his mother all the time and shows her what he can do on his tablet computer. Upstairs, Will goes to Gabi. She jumps into his arms, thankful to see him. She shares that Sonny dropped by but knows nothing. They discuss their lack of birth control and she tells him she's been having morning sickness. They worry that they'll lose both Nick and Sonny over "this dumb mistake." "If my mom finds out I think she'll actually murder me," Will says. He proposes they marry. Downstairs, Kayla and Abe discuss Joey missing his father and grandma. Abe worries he and Theo don't have the same connection Lexi and Theo did. Kayla thinks Lexi would be proud of him. Back upstairs, Gabi and Will start to laugh. Gabi says that's not the proposal every girl wants to hear. They agree it wouldn't work but Will promises he will be there for her every step of the way. Gabi worries about what her mother will say and that she'll lose her scholarship if she leaves school for a semester to have the baby. She suggests an abortion. Downstairs, Hope and Nick discuss him dating Gabi. He asks her to keep it a secret from Rafe.

At home, John wakes Marlena up by dangling a rose near her face. He asks her out on a date before showering. She notices another call coming in from Kristen.

From the hospital, Kristen leaves a message for John to get to the hospital. She visits Brady as Cameron examines him. Brady wishes she'd leave town already. Cameron leaves and Brady assumes she's sticking around to arrange a run-in with his father. She denies it. She called John out of concern for Brady. Brady gets up. He wants to go home.

Back at the townhouse, Marlena deletes Kristen's message without listening.

Marlena and John walk through the square. John sees no reason to speak to or run into Kristen again. John gets the paper while Marlena sees that Kristen has called John again.

At work, Sami flashes to Rafe telling her he was hoping she needed him. She knows she can't tell Rafe but calls him and asks him to drop by her office. He arrives shortly thereafter and compliments her on her office. Sami tells him Gabi made her promise not to say anything but...

Back at the hospital, Brady collapses into Kristen's arms. At the hub, Cameron calls Marlena about one of her patients and then comments about Brady being admitted due to a concussion. Marlena tells John and they rush to the hospital. Once there, Cameron fills them in on what's happening with Brady. Marlena stops by to see her patient and John goes to visit Brady. John asks why he didn't call. Brady admits he was unconscious. Outside, Kristen asks Cameron to tie Brady down to his bed. Marlena pops up and Kristen mentions calling John all night about Brady. Marlena's eyes widen. Kristen hopes their relationship will be less strained now that she's no longer Sami's boss. Marlena insists she and John aren't falling for her schemes. She heads in to see Brady. "This is what happens when you behave like Sir Galahad." They learn the woman he saved from muggers was Kristen. John flies off the handle asking why Kristen didn't call. Marlena tries to get him to leave the room with her when Kristen walks in. "I did call." Marlena looks from one to the other in fear.

Sneak peek!

Brady sees Kristen in a new light.

Kristen "thanks" Marlena for playing right into her hand.

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