Holy Water, Crosses And Wooden Stakes.

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Sami gives Eric advice, Eric urges Nicole to open up, and Sami gets a new boss.

Holy Water, Crosses And Wooden Stakes. image

At the pub, Sami tells Eric he should stay away from Nicole. "You think a priest collar's going to stop her?" She tells him to pull out some holy water or a cross or a wooden stake. John shows up, Marlena returns and there are hugs. Father Tobias arrives. Eric's things arrived. He can get settled in.

EJ finds Nicole at the park. She cowers. She has nothing to be nervous about. What can he do to her that's worse than what she has managed to do to herself? He gets after her about letting an innocent woman suffer and rubs it in that Jenn's now being cared for by Dr. Jonas. He sincerely is glad she didn't take her own life. "Did you think you were going to see your two dead babies in heaven?" Nicole cries as he goes on about the men she used who won't forgive her and how she'll be alone forever. He leaves and Eric arrives. She says she dug her own ditch and has to do the honorable thing and lie in it.

Daniel startles Jenn in her office. She tells him about Kristen's visit. Abby finds Chad on his way to pick up Theo from Occupational Therapy. She's there to give Jenn welcome back flowers. She accepts his offer for ice cream with Theo. In her office, Jenn tells Daniel about a clinical trial that could stop his tremors. Daniel finds it thoughtful. He agrees to do the research. They get close and Jenn stammers and walks away. Daniel gets back to work and Abby bumps into Jenn and welcomes her back. They leave and Jenn finds the protocol she gave Daniel in the garbage.

At church, Brady tells Kristen he took his father's place on the board in order to keep her away from him. She insists she's there to serve the people of this parish. He laughs. The meeting has been postponed so he could tell her off. He wants her to leave town and calls her a world-class bitch. He stops her from slapping him and she taunts him about being an addict. They go back and forth until Kristen runs off with Brady in hot pursuit.

Kristen walks through the park when she's mugged by some creep. Brady comes upon them and the men fight. Another man bashes Brady's head in and he goes down. Kristen screams and calls 911 while the muggers run away without her purse.

Jennifer arrives on Daniel's doorstep with her protocol. He's not interested in pursuing it. They discuss side effects. She vows he won't be alone if he goes through with it. He agrees to consider it.

Eric takes Nicole to his office at the rectory for a talk - no strings attached. He reminds her they were good friends once. She reminds him the girl he once knew is gone. He won't judge her but she's certain after what she tells him, he won't be able to help himself. She spills.

EJ walks into Sami's office as she's on the phone speaking Japanese with Mr. Nakamoto. EJ tells her he's her boss. "Interesting." She thought Kristen liked pushing her around. He says he's not back in the DiMera fold. "Are you going to get your kicks from powder-puffs and lipstick?" He tells her not to diminish the work she does there. She questions his motives. "Is this about us?" He says, "There is no us." He tells her to "skedaddle" and kiss his kids goodnight.

At the cafe, Marlena learns Kristen resigned from CW and he resigned from the church board. She's relieved and they kiss. He hands her his phone to make a call since her battery is dead. She sees a message from Kristen and secretly deletes it.

Abby, Theo, and Chad have ice cream at the pub. She talks about her break-up with Cameron being her fault. Chad knows the feeling. Abby breaks the news that Melanie's not returning. Abby asks what happened between him and Gabi. He's silent.

Sneak peek!

John's baffled as to why he didn't receive his messages.

Abe confides to Kayla about his doubts in parenting.

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