We're Both Pregnant Now.

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

John and Brady argue over Kristen, it's Jenn's first day back to work, and Eric is welcomed back.

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At the cafe, Sami flashes to promising Gabi not to tell Rafe about her pregnancy while Rafe pesters her about her phone call to him. He hoped that she needed him. She apologizes. He leaves and she gets a text and runs.

Gabi shows up on Sonny's doorstep almost in tears. She needs to talk to Will alone. It's really important. Will asks her for a minute. He shuts the door in her face and dresses. He tells Sonny he'll make it as fast as possible.

On Jenn's first day back to work, Maxine and the other nurses give her flowers and a cake. She's thrilled. Daniel welcomes her back. She invites him to her office later. Maxine rubs in how nice it is to have Jennifer back. Exasperated, he asks, "Do you work ever?" "I'm just saying," she pouts.

Brady interrupts Kristen and John's little talk at Titan with sarcasm. John tells him to 'dial it down'. Kristen will see him at the St. Luke's fundraising meeting unless Brady has her ex-communicated. She leaves and Brady rips into John and hands over John's money clip Kristen had, accusing Kristen of taking it purposefully. Sarcastically, John says they're in lockdown. They'd better call 911. He doesn't like how condescending his son is acting. Brady reminds John the Kristen he loved no longer exists. John no longer loves Kristen. She's no threat. Brady calls him a fool.

From her office, Marlena tells Roman over the phone that Eric's back in town.

Nicole bursts out into laughter at the pub when she finds Eric Brady sporting a clerical collar. "Is that a joke? You're a... a..." she has driven men to drink, but never this. He tells her it's great to see her. They hug and he calls her more beautiful than ever. She asks how 'this' happen and he chuckles. "It wasn't like St. Paul and the way of the Damascus." Nicole's confused. He likes using biblical references. He wanted to do 'something about what's wrong with the world'. It was a life-changing experience. She's had a few herself. He knows. Sami told him about what happened with Sydney. Nic becomes upset and runs to the ladies room. Marlena and Roman rush in and hug Brady while Nicole sneaks out. Brady tells his parents he'll be talking to Father Matt and Father Tobias about saying mass at St. Luke's for the family. They're touched. "If ma could only see that," Roman says. They go off to get drinks and Eric learns from Eddie that Nicole left. Sami runs in with a hug for her twin brother. They catch up and Sami hears Nicole "that bitch" tracked him down. She tells Eric to stay away from Nicole.

Gabi and Will walk to the park. She tells him she's pregnant. He tells her it's okay and hugs her. He thinks the baby's Nick's. She tells Will he's the father. He is stunned. "Was it that night?" She nods. He's sorry. She cries and he tells her she's not alone. "We're in this together." They'll figure out what to do. He hears Sami knows but thinks the baby's Nick's. "We're both pregnant now," Will tells her. She knew he'd say that. Suddenly, Nick walks up wondering what's wrong. Will makes something up about Gabi being a good listener. "Typical," Nick sneers. He asks Will to tell his friend Chad to stop hassling Gabi. Will says he'll talk to her about that project for school later. Will leaves and Nick is upset Gabi left the hospital to discuss school and Will's problems.

Jennifer finds Kristen waiting in her office. She was sorry to hear about Jack. Kristen knows she screwed up with Jenn. Jenn rolls her eyes. Why is Kristen back? She had family business and wanted to make amends. She says John's been very sweet and calls Brady a piece of work. Jenn refuses to bash her friend.

Maggie finds Daniel at home. She brought clam chowder and tuna on rye. He apologizes for what he put her and Victor through and when he checks his phone for a call from Nicole, Maggie snarks off about it. They talk about Melanie and Maggie starts in about Jenn. Daniel admits he professed his love to Jenn but she's not ready for anything. Maggie wouldn't be so sure. She asks him to just let it happen.

Nicole walks to the square and calls to cancel plans to visit Taylor.

Kristen walks into Father Tobias's office. He has to step out. She jokes about him leaving her alone. Doesn't he want to lock up the silver? He tells her if there's anything worth stealing she's welcomed to it. He leaves and Brady arrives. He's taking John's place on the board - permanently!

Will returns to Sonny's upset but doesn't say why.

Nick takes Gabi home. She asks him to stay with her.

Daniel arrives at Jenn's office.

Sneak peek!

Sami’s surprised to find EJ is her boss.

Jennifer has found a clinical trial for Daniel that could help his tremors.

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- Christine Fix

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