If The Shoe Fits.

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Sami calls Lucas a bigot, Will and Sonny make-up, and Nicole sees someone from her past.

If The Shoe Fits. image

At the pub, Gabi passes out in Nick's arms. Eddie gets her some water and when she comes to she feels fine. She skipped breakfast. Nick forces her to go to the ER.

Will stands in front of the mirror at home practicing his apology.

In Sami's office, Lucas asks for her thoughts on Nicole's drama. Sami's not surprised. Nicole has done similar things in the past. She remembers how Nicole dumped Lucas for 5 million dollars in order to be with Eric. They discuss Lucas' issues with Will when he walks in. They get into it about trusting Sonny. Will leaves and says if his relationship with Sonny is screwed up, Lucas is to blame. Sami comments that she's not a bigot. Lucas denies being one. "If the shoe fits," Sami snarks.

Hope walks into Nicole's hospital room. "You're free and you have Jennifer to thank for that," Hope says. They get into it. Hope sees this as a second chance for Nicole. So does Nicole and she will be sure not to waste it.

Outside Jenn's, she gets a hug from Daniel after telling him she asked the DA not to press charges against Nicole. He's impressed by her generosity. He flashes to professing his love to Jenn when she assumes he still has feelings for Nicole. He leaves and Hope arrives. Jenn whines that Nicole's got a rough road ahead of her. Nicole may not be in a jail cell but she's in prison just the same. Jenn decides to take care of something and leaves.

Sonny serves Cameron at the coffee shop. They discuss how Sonny's hoping to get his personal life on track today. He checks his hair just as Will walks in. Will apologizes for letting what his dad said get to him. They missed each other. Sonny's sorry for getting so angry and for not giving him a chance to explain. He hasn't been a monk but he also hasn't found a connection with anyone except Will. He admits he did lure Will to his apartment that day. He felt they were taking things monumentally slowly. He hoped that things would happen naturally. Will sighs. Lucas was right. They kiss and Will says he wanted to be there as much as Sonny wanted him there. They go back to Sonny's apartment.

Sami heads into the pub to see Nick but Eddie tells her he took Gabi to the hospital. She leaves a message for Rafe and runs off.

At the hospital, Gabi has had blood taken. Cameron examines her. In another room, Nicole dresses. Daniel learns she is being let out. She has to see a shrink. Things are awkward. He thinks she should be thankful to Jennifer but she thought Jennifer hated her. "Do you?" He doesn't but she knows he also doesn't love her. Where will she go? She's not sure where she'll end up. Maybe she'll visit Taylor. Daniel offers his help if she needs anything. She notices he's wearing his necklace and flashes to noticing it missing. She realizes he found it when he learned what she had done. He tells her he saw the baby clothes and put two and two together. She cries. It was a terrible moment for him. She sobs that she did this all to herself. He tries to hug her but she pushes him away and runs off. Sami arrives and finds Nick. He tells her what happened and she barges into Gabi's room. Cameron tells Sami Gabi's fine. Gabi freaks after hearing Rafe knows. They discuss how cute it is that Nick brought her there. Sami says they must be serious. Love can make one light-headed. They giggle. Cameron returns. They're surprised to hear Gabi is pregnant. Later, Jenn finds Daniel. She asks to be friends again. They shake hands.

Nicole walks through the square yelling at people to stop staring at her. "I'm not a freak show!" She mopes about ruining everything and looks up and spots Eric Brady!

Sonny and Will wind up at Sonny's. They start kissing and the clothes start coming off.

Sneak peek!

Kristen lets John know she’s stepping down at CW.

Marlena receives a mysterious text.

Nicole tracks down Eric Brady and finds him at the pub.

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- Christine Fix

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