Breaking Point.

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Jenn pays a visit to Nicole, Abby gets advice from EJ, and Chad tries making Nick look bad in front of his parole officer.

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In her hospital bed, Nicole goes over how she blew things. She thinks she's alone but Brady walks in and assures she still has him. At the hub, Maxine and Daniel discuss Nicole. He's glad she's with Brady right now. Back inside Nicole's room, Brady asks Nic to talk to a lawyer. Nicole refuses. She's not crazy and would do it over if she had the chance. She babbles about not being able to find love and how she always screws up her chances and then orders Brady to leave.

EJ and Johnny are having a father and son day at the square when Chad comes upon them. Chad brings up EJ's baby's death and wonders what game EJ's playing at considering he failed to tell him Kristen had returned. EJ wanted him to find out on his own and form his own opinion. Johnny asks if they can go to the pub for lunch. Chad's in. They do an explosive fist pump and head over.

Marlena arrives at the Horton cabin and gets an eyeful when she sees Kristen and John snuggling together on the sofa, asleep. "What the hell's going on here?" she demands. John and Kristen get up and explain the innocence of the situation. "Thank you so much for last night," Kristen says before sharing with Marlena that their talk was cathartic for her. Kristen runs for the ferry and Marlena barks at John. Outside, Kristen realizes she has John's money clip and hesitates before deciding not to head back inside. Later, Marlena says Kristen, like any DiMera, has a knack for tracking people down. John accuses her of overreacting. He defends Kristen. Marlena's not happy. They argue and aren't on speaking terms once the ferry arrives.

Nick and Gabi canoodle in bed. Later, they head down to the pub. Nick sees his parole officer while Gabi spills to Abigail that she and Nick were intimate. Abigail confides that she still hasn't found the right guy. Chad walks in with EJ and Johnny. Chad's rude to Gabi. She goes to take EJ's order. Chad learns Nick's with his parole officer nearby and Abigail asks him not to cause trouble. At their table, Johnny orders French toast to go with lots of maple syrup. Chad watches Nick with his parole officer and when the meeting is over, Nick kisses Gabi. Chad watches and accuses Gabi of whoring herself in order to save Nick from jail. Nick almost hits Chad but Gabi orders him out and blasts Chad. He plans on finding a way to blow up her happiness. Chad leaves and Gabi passes out.

At home, Jennifer fills Hope in on Nic's drama and how she still feels partially responsible. Hope won't excuse Nicole's manipulations or lies. Jenn heads out and Hope tries on Tom's old hat for Ciara's school play. Daniel arrives. They talk about the situation with Nicole. Hope thinks Jenn will heal.

Jennifer arrives at Nicole's room. Annoyed, Nicole has nothing to say to her. Jenn has plenty to say. She explains her reasons for getting involved were because she didn't get why Daniel would risk his career for Nic. Jenn's sorry if she added to the pressure Nicole was already under. "I pushed you to a breaking point," she admits. She interfered in her life, making Nicole feel trapped and desperate. Jenn holds Nicole's hand and says sorry. Nicole claps, calling her performance Oscar-worthy. "Get out," she yells.

Kristen finds Brady at the cafe. They get into it about her reasons for returning to Salem. She hands over John's money clip she accidentally took last night. Brady's angry that she spent the night with John even if it was innocent.

At the square, Johnny plays while Abigail finds EJ. She's sorry for his loss. EJ owes Jennifer an apology. Abby knows that it's easier to blame someone else rather than yourself. She still feels guilty over Jack's death. EJ suggests that it may help her find clarity. They discuss taking the time to find out what really matters in their lives.

Jenn finds Daniel leaving her house. She tells him she saw Nicole and the DA.

Hope stops by Nicole's room at the hospital. Nic assumes she's there to arrest her.

Sneak peek!

Will blasts Lucas.

Jenn wonders if Daniel still has feelings for Nicole.

Nicole spots Eric Brady in the square.

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