Don't Cross Me Again.

Friday, November 9th, 2012

EJ surprises Daniel, Nicole winds up in the hospital, and Tad tries to impress his girlfriend by helping Sonny and Will get back together.

Don't Cross Me Again. image

Nicole wields a scalpel at Daniel at the top of the stairs at the Horton Square. She yells that they all hate her. Why are they there? If they didn't hate her before, they do now. EJ, Rafe, Abby, Brady, and Jennifer watch and some shake their heads. They don't hate her. She threatens suicide as she holds the scalpel to her neck. Daniel begs her to stop. Rafe moves away slowly and Daniel attempts to talk her down. She sobs that she wants the pain to go away. She bawls and talks about what it's like to lose two babies. She knew what she did was wrong. She lied to keep the one last great thing in her life. Daniel points out they're there because they care for her. She thinks they're there for the show. She professes her love for Daniel and drops the scalpel. Everyone sighs in relief and when she attempts to hurl herself over the edge, Rafe grabs her from behind. He and Daniel hug her close.

Tad takes his date Audrey to the cafe. Sonny tells them he and Will broke up. Tad takes Sonny aside to discuss it further. He's trying to impress Audrey by helping Sonny and Will get back together. Sonny says Will won't talk to him. Tad goes back to Audrey, who can see Sonny wants to work things out.

Will buses tables with Gabi at the pub. Will realizes she's seeing Nick. He agrees to keep it quiet. She's happy they both found the person they were meant to be with. Will's face falls. He fills her in on the break up and Gabi counsels him to talk to Sonny. Tad and Audrey arrive and Tad urges Will to talk to Sonny. Audrey admits her brother's gay and she couldn't believe how some of his friends treated him when he came out. Will smirks and tells Audrey Tad's a good guy.

At the Horton cabin, Kirsten shrugs off John's offer of his coat. She wants forgiveness and learned to deal with the harm she caused. He's not sure he can forgive her. She tells him she came to the cabin to clear her head. She was starting to think that them running into each other was a sign from God or the universe. While she was away, she learned to love herself. "I found me." She always knew John belonged with Marlena. He doesn't deny it but says he never meant to hurt her. Neither did she. She was so jealous and afraid of life without him but she's doing fine. She needs closure. She doesn't want him to hate her. Things are awkward and he leaves her his coat before searching for blankets. She sniffs his coat and falls asleep on the sofa. Later, he covers her with a blanket and sits beside her.

Cameron examines Nicole in the hospital. Rafe takes her statement. Outside, Abby leaves the room while Brady apologizes to Jenn. Back in Nicole's room, Nicole recounts the events leading to today. Outside, Daniel shows EJ the autopsy report. Nobody is at fault for the baby's death. Daniel hopes EJ now has peace of mind but he doesn't and is not letting this go. In her room, Nicole recalls losing Sydney, her mother, EJ, and knows she hasn't lead a blameless life. "But how much can someone pay?" She talks about snapping and wanting Jenn to hurt. Rafe comforts her. She thinks God is punishing her and wonders what'll happen to her. Outside, EJ won't press charges against Daniel because he once saved his son's life. He warns, "Don't cross me again." EJ looks in on Nicole, nods his head and leaves. Outside, Rafe tells the gang Nicole's facing serious charges.

Gabi heads into the cafe. She thanks Sonny for the Halloween party. Sonny mentions how quiet Nick is around him which makes Gabi flash to Nick saying he thinks being gay isn't a choice. She covers for Nick but thinks things can change. They talk about the break up. Will calls and Gabi makes herself scarce. Will hated how things ended and so they agree to meet tomorrow to discuss things.

Sneak peek!

Nicole warns that if Jenn’s looking for an apology, it won't happen.

Nicole asks Brady why she never gets to love.

Marlena finds John and Kristen sleeping next to each other.

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