Shut Up DiMera.

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

The truth comes out, Sami and Marlena have a heart-to-heart, and Kristen opens up to John.

Shut Up DiMera. image

At Jenn's, when Nicole refuses to talk in private, Daniel confesses he knows Jenn didn't kill her child. The baby died before the fall. Nicole cries and denies it. EJ and Rafe burst in unannounced and EJ demands to know what's up. Daniel tells him, "Shut up DiMera." He'd love to smash his face. Daniel has proof. "Someone's lying," she insists so he shows her Dr. Sedwick's notes she made on the plane. Nic crumples the document and bawls. EJ reads it in shock. Daniel tells Nicole she knew the baby was already dead before she fell down the stairs. Jennifer starts to cry. Rafe comforts Nicole who cries, "Twice, Rafe. Twice." He gently gets her to confess she knew the baby was already dead. Daniel tears up and EJ yells. Daniel tells them the baby died due to a placental abruption. He comforts Nicole which makes Abigail furious. She starts shouting about what Nicole put Jennifer through. Everyone clears out and Nicole tries to explain to Daniel how she came to this place. She blames Jennifer for making her crazy and for making this horrible thing happen to her son. She starts to yell and Daniel screams at her to stop it. Later, when Nicole disappears while he's talking to Jenn, everyone rushes to find her.

From her office, Sami looks over Nick Fallon's application.

Nick and Gabi make love in her room during a break. They talk about sneaking around from Rafe. Both receive calls and rush to dress.

From the square, Marlena's patient calls to cancel their appointment. Hope encourages Marlena to charter a boat to Smith Island. Ciara runs by for a hug. She's off to visit a friend. Marlena gazes after her and thinks about time lost with Sami during her childhood.

John walks into the Horton cabin and sees Kristen. He goes off on her for stalking him. She yells that she's sick of the judgment. John calls what she's doing trespassing. "Of all the cabins in the world, why did you decide to walk into this one?" The ferry horn is heard and Kristen rushes to leave but John stops her. She misses the ferry and yells that this is his fault. She can't get cell service to call a water taxi. John mocks her and accuses her of setting this whole thing up. They bicker and she shows him her key Alice gave her. Kristen builds a fire. She wanted to see the place where she last felt truly happy. She flashes to sex with John. She tears up. The cabin reminds her of who she was before she started to hate. John squints at her and offers his coat.

Sami waits for Nick at the pub. When both Gabi and Nick rush in looking flustered, Sami confronts Gabi about them dating. She agrees to keep it from Rafe. Gabi gushes about how Nick gets her. Sami asks her to be careful. Gabi runs off and Sami warns Nick not to hurt Gabi. Sami gets down to business and offers him a job. He tells her about his other job offer with Kate. She asks him to consider working for her and on her way out she leaves a message for Kristen. Gabi heads back upstairs and Nick's naked in her bed bathed in candle light. They profess their love for each other and have sex.

Hope and Marlena have coffee at the Coffee Bean. Sami walks in and Marlena takes her aside and says she was out of line by demanding Sami quit her job. "Who are you and what have you done with my mother?" Sami asks. Marlena's face freezes as Sami talks about feeling stressed today, wondering where her boss is.

A disturbed Nicole runs up the stairs at the square and flashes to falling. Daniel, Abby, Rafe, EJ and Jenn find her holding the scalpel. She yells at them to stay away.

Sneak peek!

Nicole's facing charges.

Abby tells Cameron she's moving on.

Kristen tells John exactly what she wants from him.

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