Laundry Camper.

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Sonny and Will plan a Halloween party, and Marlena catches John in a lie.

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Kristen finds Sami at the square and puts on the pressure for her to decide if she wants to stay on at CW. Sami leaves and complains to Marlena in a message. Brady spots Kristen who looks like he has seen a ghost. She tells him she's not proud of how she "flew off the rails" last time she was in Salem but assures him she isn't a threat to anyone. Brady worries for his family and warns her to stay away from them.

Gabi and Nick canoodle as they wander into the Coffee Bean to help Sonny and Will with a Halloween party. Inside, Will takes a fun photo of Sonny with vampire teeth. Nick's demeanor changes while Sonny and Will banter. Will asks after Nick who has positive things to say about what's been happening in his life. Sonny and Will leave to get more decorations and Gabi starts babbling about how she likes being herself around Nick. He likes her... a lot.

Bo arrives to see Caroline at the pub. She can't believe it's her last day. Bo embraces her. They'll be back sooner than she knows. Sami turns up, complaining about the men in her life. Caroline forgets their names and Bo interrupts their conversation to inform Sami what she's been missing out on. Sami's upset to learn about the dementia. Why didn't anyone tell her? "You didn't ask," Bo reminds. Caroline asks Bo not to be so hard on Sami. She has her own life and it was a secret! Caroline hugs Sami and goes off to help Eddie with something in the kitchen while Bo apologizes for being short with Sami. They discuss what's been happening and Sami agrees to be there for Caroline. Caroline returns and promises Sami can still lean on her. Sami cries. "I love you so much, Grandma." Abe heads in and says goodbye to his old friend Bo. Later, Bo shares the story about Caroline thinking he was Shawn. Sami has high hopes for treatment. She calls around looking for Will to say goodbye to Caroline.

At the hospital, John talks about following Marlena around all day in order to protect her from Kristen. Marlena knows people who are as disturbed as Kristen don't usually change and the kind of love Kristen had for him is obsessive. Marlena doubts Kristen's over him. John's not worried. They're solid. Nobody will come between them. They kiss and Marlena goes to see a patient. Later, Brady arrives and they discuss Kristen and how Marlena's cell phone went "missing." Brady's concerned and protective. Marlena runs to meet John.

John spies Kristen at the square helping a little girl who fell off her bicycle. He flashes to Kristen saying she has changed and goes to help. The kid starts to howl suddenly and John sits with her asking if this mean old bench jumped out and got her. It happens to him all the time. They laugh and the kid's mother arrives and thanks Kristen and her "husband." They're quick to correct her. Kristen leaves and John takes a call from Marlena which is cut off. She arrives and he lies about what he's been doing. Kristen returns and Marlena learns that John was helping Kristen with the little girl. Once Kristen leaves, Marlena asks, "How could you not tell me you were with that woman?"

Sonny brings Will to his apartment. It's a mess, he says and jokes about Will's car being like a "laundry camper." Will stares at the bed and raises his eyebrows. Sonny wants to hear about Will's childhood so he keeps it short, saying he was like a prize flitting between houses and never felt like he belonged. Sonny hopes he finally feels like he belongs somewhere. They put on Groucho Marx glasses and Will admits he wanted to wear an Elton John costume as a kid. Can you imagine Lucas' face? Sonny laughs and they start squirting silly string and then kissing.

Gabi and Nick wander through the square and the park and start kissing. Nick's insecure so Gabi sings his praises and he cuts her off with a passionate kiss.

From home, Brady calls around and learns Kristen's staying at the Salem Inn.

Sneak peek!

Things are heating up between Sonny and Will when Lucas interrupts.

Will learns Caroline's leaving town.

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