He Didn't Make It.

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Roman makes an arrest, John and Marlena get an eyeful, and Caroline has some tests.

He Didn't Make It. image

Nicole and Jenn struggle at the top of the steps at the square. Jenn tries to get Nicole to let go of her arm when Nicole goes flying down the stairs. Brady and Billie watch and rush to Nicole's side. Nicole accuses Jenn of pushing her and then goes into labor while Billie yells for Nic to do Lamaze breathing. The EMS arrives and Jenn starts to cry and swears she didn't do this. Brady barks at Jenn to stay away from Nicole. Roman arrives and Jenn makes a statement even though she can't recall the sequence of events. Billie suggests she get a lawyer and Roman heads to the hospital. Jenn wants to go along but is told to stay put. She cries, worried for the baby.


In Kayla's office, Caroline is positive she has Alzheimer's but Kayla says there could be various reasons why she's having memory issues. They can treat the symptoms if it is Alzheimer's. They do blood work and Caroline asks them to keep this quiet for now. She has a positive outlook and asks for a group hug.


In Europe, Stefano begs Kristen to save their fractured family. She's incredulous that after all this time he wants her to make peace between him and the rest of the family. She appreciates the checks he's been sending her over the years but flashes to John saving her all those years ago and to a confrontation with Marlena and says there are too many bad memories. Stefano wants her to meet Chad. "What kind of a name is Chad?" she asks and flat-out refuses to go back to Salem.

Sami and Rafe continue to wait for their sandwiches at the cafe. Rafe calls it a bad omen. Sami gives him a mint to tide him over. He gets a message from Daniel. This prompts discussion about Nicole's true baby daddy. Sami believes Rafe's telling the truth and they kiss as John and Marlena walk in. Sami meant to tell them she and Rafe had reunited. John and Marlena are happy about it. They all agree the idea of Sami with EJ made them sick. John privately tells Rafe he's impressed Rafe won against EJ as Sami tells Marlena she won't screw things up this time. Marlena and John take their own table and talk about how it's smooth sailing ahead. They start making out and Marlena groans, "Oh baby. Oh baby."

At home, Victor refuses to let Daniel get involved with a "neurotic, vodka swilling tramp." He thinks Daniel's being played and reminds Daniel Nicole attempted to kill him. They continue to argue until Brady calls Daniel with the news about the accident. Everyone heads to the hospital.


At the hospital, Cameron and Maxine are with Nicole while she gives birth to her son. Everyone gets quiet and Nicole asks what's going on. The baby was unresponsive, Cameron says. He assumes the child suffered trauma during the fall. Nicole says nothing and then asks how he is. "He didn't make it," Cameron says. Maxine hands the baby over and Nicole smiles at him and greets him and then starts to sob. Maxine cries along with her. Later, Daniel arrives and Maxine tells him the baby didn't make it. Daniel gives himself a moment before heading in and comforting Nicole. He hugs her and she beats on his back and sobs. She tells Daniel Jennifer pushed her. In the waiting room, Brady fills Maggie and Victor in and Billie calls. Brady shares the news about the baby.

Back at the square, Billie tells Jennifer the bad news. Jenn starts to bawl.

Back at the hospital, Roman arrives and Brady gives his statement and fills Roman in on Nicole and Jenn's arguments this past week. He flashes to the last one at the house. Brady overheard Nicole say Jenn pushed her. Roman takes off. In Nic's room, she tells him Jennifer pushed her and killed her baby. He's in shock and later leaves so Cameron can give Nic a sedative. She cries herself to sleep as Daniel goes out to tell Maggie and Victor what Nicole's accusing Jennifer of.

Sami and Rafe arrive at his loft. He's apologetic about their date and they start to kiss.

Roman turns up at the square looking serious. He has no choice but to arrest Jenn for murdering Nicole's unborn child. Billie's jaw drops and Jennifer cries.

Sneak peek!

Daniel believes Jenn.

Rafe and Nicole grieve her baby.

John stiffens at the mention of Kristen.

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- Christine Fix

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