Secret meetings

Friday, March 16th, 2007

Billie lies to EJ, Sami meets with Celeste, who has some foreboding words for her, and Kayla and Roman pay a visit to our favorite villain!

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Steve surprises Billie in her apartment and asks for help escaping. When a knock comes at the door, Steve hides as she speaks with EJ. He requests her company at the Penthouse Grill, and tells her he has a business meeting there and thought she may like to come along. She's apologetic and lies to him that Chelsea is there with her. EJ's happy for her and leaves for the Penthouse Grill. Once he's gone, Steve comes out of hiding and asks Billie, "How long have you been seeing Wells?" Billie is surprised at the question and denies such a thing. She tells him that they're just business partners. Steve tells her that he wants to be certain that she's on his side and won't sell out.

Kayla is at the state mental institution making phone calls to family and friends in order to find Steve. Roman arrives and looks through her list. He notes that Billie's not on it. Kayla grows quiet but Roman regretfully tells her that Steve and Billie were once close. Kayla tells Roman that she wouldn't be surprised if EJ was involved in the break out but isn't sure she wants to call Billie. He encourages her to do so and she picks up her cell phone to dial Billie's number.


Back at Billie's apartment, Steve grabs Billie's arm when she makes a move toward a ringing phone. Knowing that Chelsea could be on the other line, she pleads with him to allow her to pick up. She does so and Kayla asks her point blank, "This may sound funny but have you seen Steve?" Billie doesn't answer right away and when she does, she lies. "No, I haven't. I've been sick in bed all day with the flu." She agrees to contact Kayla if she hears from Steve and the two hang up. Billie gets him some old sweat clothes and he removes the phones from the room. She's frightened of Steve and tells him that he's not the same Steve that she once knew. He explains how sorry he is and tells her that if he seems desperate, he is. He continues on that he didn't belong in an institution and then apologizes for hurting her in the past. He reminds her of their friendship and pleads with her to help him. With tears in her eyes, she agrees to pack them a lunch.

Roman calls Mythic to find EJ and rule out that Steve is with EJ.


Celeste secretly meets with Benjy DiMera in her car. Celeste starts out by explaining that EJ is out of control and has taken the madness of being a DiMera even further than Stefano! She goes on to say that Alexandra has been a victim of his and it's time to put an end to it all. Benjy appears frightened and signs to Celeste that the baby Sami's carrying seems to be an obsession with the DiMera's. He signs that all EJ told him was that Stefano considers the baby a gift from God. Celeste asks what that means but he doesn't know. He does know that it doesn't bode well with Sami.


Chelsea and Sami dine at Penthouse Grill and discuss how terrible Chelsea is. Sami commiserates. She knows that feeling after having been in her position for years. She thinks that Chelsea is a lot like her in many ways such as getting hurt easily, reacting without forethought, and basically shooting themselves in the foot! They discuss the wedding and look over Sami's checklist. Chelsea is very supportive and Sami asks her to be a bridesmaid. Before Chelsea can answer, EJ walks in and comments, "Don't you think you're taking a lot for granted, Sami?" They chat for a bit and EJ wanders off to his own table. Chelsea tells Sami she can't accept her request for becoming a bridesmaid because being a part of her wedding would involve facing the family. Sami smiles sympathetically. Of all people understands and tells her that she will just have to keep working on things and she'll be a part of the family. Sami convinces Chelsea that facing the world and acting like you belong, even when your heart is breaking . 'That's a real hero', she tells her cousin. Chelsea smiles. She's feeling more positive and says, "You've actually managed to make me feel needed!" Chelsea agrees to become a bridesmaid and they discuss getting their fittings. Sami thinks that Nick will eat his heart out when he sees her in her dress! That sounds good to Chelsea.


EJ sits with Dr. Abruzzi, who tells him that Stefano is not out of the woods yet. They aren't sure if his body will accept the kidney transplant and if it doesn't work, they'll have to consider a bone marrow transplant. EJ considers who could be a match. He tells the doctor that nothing is more important to me than my father's life and I'm holding you personally responsible for it.


Celeste arrives at Penthouse Grill. Once she sees Chelsea sitting with Sami and EJ at his own table,she frowns and turns away before anyone can see her.

Sami receives a note from a server and with a pensive look, she excuses herself and runs off to the ladies room. EJ witnesses this and makes his way over to Chelsea to ask her if Sami was feeling alright. Chelsea is puzzled and tells him that Sami's fine. He presses her for information and finds out that Chelsea was never at Billie's house! She asks him what's with all of the questions but he claims that he just wants to make sure she's okay, considering she fainted last night. Chelsea gets snarky with EJ and he tells her to tone it down. He goes on to let her know that he doesn't believe she's the one who set the fire at her parent's home. Roman and Kayla arrive and Roman asks Chelsea why she's dining with EJ! Chelsea tells them that she's dining with Sami and EJ was just leaving.


Roman, EJ and Kayla arrive at EJ's table. They surprise him when they let him know that Steve has escaped. Kayla accuses him of being a part of it and of torturing him but once again, EJ denies any wrong doing. EJ admits he has grown weary of being harassed by the Brady's and might get a restraining order for the entire family! Roman invites him file one. EJ comments on Billie having a thing with Steve and asks them to search her place but Roman stops him and tells him that Billie has been ill and in bed all day. "Oh really?" EJ smirks.


Sami meets with Celeste in the restroom and Celeste tells her about the conversation she had with Benjy. She quotes him, "He thinks the child is a gift from God". Sami says it's more like a gift from the devil. Celeste tells her that the DiMeras will take her child away from her for good. Sami tells the woman she has a new plan in place to convince EJ that Lucas is the father of her baby. Celeste thinks she's not only playing with fire but she's nave! They argue again when Celeste tells Sami that she needs to kill EJ. Sami tells Celeste to kill him herself and then asks her not to let EJ see her leave the restaurant. She goes back to her table and EJ eyes her the whole way back!
Roman and Kayla get up from EJ's table to leave and EJ promises that he'll put out some feelers to find Steve. "Once I do I'll personally bring him to Salem PD! This way, everyone will understand that I'm just as interested in law and order as everyone else is! " EJ tells them with a grin. Roman & Kayla leave and EJ follows them out.

Back at her table, Sami witnesses EJ leaving and wonders aloud where he's going. Chelsea tells her that it's funny because EJ came by their table while she was in the ladies room and asked the same of her! Sami insists that Chelsea tell her everything! S As they talk, Celeste takes off out of the ladies room and into the elevator almost unnoticed! EJ spots her as he's on his cell phone and frowns.

Sami is worried when she hears that her dad and Aunt Kayla went to talk to EJ, and she realizes that the fitting is coming up, so they rush out!

Kayla and Roman search Steve's room at the institution for any clues as to where he could have gone. Kayla thinks EJ may know something more. Roman tells her that EJ did appear genuinely surprised that Steve went missing. Kayla asks him to call Marlena, "Tell her I need her help," she says sadly. Roman hugs her and agrees to it.


Billie and Steve head out but when she opens the door, EJ is standing there! He asks her why she lied to him about being sick! Steve hides behind the door as they talk!


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