With The Candlestick In The Conservatory.

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Nicole and Jenn get into it, Caroline gets worse, and Daniel faces Maggie and Victor.

With The Candlestick In The Conservatory. image

EJ interrupts Sami and Rafe's make-out session in the hall outside their apartments. EJ's moving out. Rafe is surprised he's throwing in the towel so quickly. EJ's not. He's moving on to better things and thinks it's clear Samantha's not worth the trouble. "Or just that the better man won," Sami says. She heads inside and Rafe says he won and EJ has lost. For good. Rafe threatens EJ with bodily harm if he messes with his family again. EJ yells back that he won't take his child with Nicole from him.

At the pub, Caroline realizes Bo's not Shawn and starts to cry. "I'm so scared," she sobs. He hands her water and she jokingly wishes for something harder. She made a fool of herself. Bo has never heard her say she's "scared" and she admits she's been forgetting things. Bo thinks it's more than that. Caroline admits since Kayla left, she's been feeling overwhelmed. He thinks she needs time off and should get examined by Kayla. "No," she shouts. Caroline forgets where she is and Bo asks her to look around. Her eyes widen and she jumps into Bo's arms, alarmed. She apologizes for yelling and they take off to see Kayla.

Jennifer rants at home about Daniel screwing up his life. Brady tells her to relax and let Daniel handle his own life but she can't. She must repay him for saving her life. He wonders how she's planning on stopping Nicole? "With the candlestick in the conservatory," she spits out sarcastically. She starts ranting again and he calls this personal but it's not her place to butt in. She shows him the door but he promises to check up on her, later.

At Daniel's, he and Nicole argue about rushing into the move to Utah. Nicole holds her belly and flashes to Brady telling Daniel to take a step back from her. She then flashes to being told her baby is dead and cries that she's afraid of losing everything. Daniel wants Nicole to check with her OBGYN to see if it's safe to travel. He wants to make sure nothing happens to her or her little dude. He takes off to work and as Nicole's calling Dr. Knapp for arrangements, she overhears Jenn leave a message for Daniel to meet at the square. Nicole throws her purse and spots the scalpel. She slips it into her purse and heads out.


In Europe, Stefano meets with a mysterious woman in red. "It's been much too long," he tells her. Elvis and Chad are still on the outs and not on speaking terms with him. He feels the mystery woman is the only one who can save them. His beautiful daughter... It's Kristen Blake.

Daniel greets Kayla at the nurse's station. He takes a call from Victor, who has a fever and takes off for a house-call. Later, Bo and Caroline drop by to see Kayla in her office. They fill her in. "I go into the past," Caroline finishes.


Jenn walks the square and continues to leave messages for Daniel. Nicole finds her and takes out the scalpel after flashing back to their argument. She puts it away and Jenn notices her. Nic wants to settle things. Jenn walks up the stairs to get away from Nicole. Nicole follows and grabs her wrist, upset that Jenn's trying to keep Daniel from her. They struggle as Jenn tries to break free. Billie and Brady walk up and Jenn breaks free from Nicole, who goes flying down the stairs. Jenn gasps and everyone rushes to Nic's side.

Rafe and Sami wind up at the cafe, much to Rafe's annoyance. He wants to find a better venue to dine at. She reminds him if they drive anywhere else, it'll cut into their alone-time. "Capice?" Rafe catches on. "I love sandwiches. I mean, I want a freakin' sandwich... to go!" They canoodle and Rafe complains of "bad service" as they wait for their sandwiches to be "crafted." They kiss.

Daniel rushes in with his backpack and finds Victor well and having a drink in the living room. "You SOB," Daniel says. Maggie comes in and Victor starts in on Daniel for leaving town without discussing it with him. Victor starts in on him about throwing away his future "for a conniving bitch." Daniel tells him to stop it and apologizes to Maggie for his insensitivity. Victor goes off the rails at Daniel and he says he's off to Utah. He invites Maggie to visit. Victor keeps at him.


EJ arrives at Jenn's to see Nicole but Abby says she moved out. EJ leaves a message for Nicole behind.

Sneak peek!

Jenn's arrested for the murder of Nicole's unborn baby.

Rafe and Sami go home together.

John and Marlena talk about how it's smooth sailing from now on.

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- Christine Fix

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