Did You Swallow A Victorian Novel?

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Kate has an offer for Nick, Caroline's memory confusion gets worse, and Abigail looks for answers.

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At the square, Bo and Hope agree to delay their sail around the world due to bad timing. Bo opens up about Caroline needing him and brings up her memory issues. Hope becomes worried. Bo plans to confront Caroline alone and with sensitivity.

Caroline does paperwork at the pub while Abigail asks Gabi if she heard from Melanie. She hasn't and is vague about why Melanie left. Abby asks right out if Gabi is the reason. Gabi denies it and Abby rushes to Nick after seeing he has been beaten. Abby assumes Chad did this and wonders how Melanie fits in. They tell her nothing but don't want her to get worked up. This gets Abby worked-up and she runs off.


Kate finds Chad moping in the park. She tries to find out if Stefano contacted him, since he contacted EJ. Chad scoffs at that happening. Kate defends Stefano, which makes Chad assume she's still in love. She knows it's not smart but it is what it is. He understands that and Kate bets he'll get over Melanie before she gets over Stefano.

Billie continues to tell Daniel at the hospital that Jennifer's over-the-top. Daniel can't help. Billie leaves and Brady drops by. Daniel asks him to check on Jennifer, who is getting fixated. He shares that he's leaving Salem for a while. Brady agrees with Billie's assessment of Jennifer and reluctantly agrees to talk to her. Maggie turns up saying Victor wants to spend the holidays sailing to the Greek Isles. Daniel encourages it.


On her way out of the house, Nicole runs into Jennifer who asks where she and Daniel are moving. Nicole flashes to losing her baby and barks at Jenn to back off. "You're not going anywhere with Daniel. I forbid you," Jenn yells. Nicole retorts, "What do you mean you forbid it? Did you swallow a Victorian novel?" Nicole thinks Jennifer needs serious help. Jenn calls Nicole selfish and manipulative and doesn't think using her baby to hang on to Daniel will work. Nicole shouts at Jennifer to stop and when she doesn't, Nic blurts out that she already lost her baby - the last time she was pregnant. Jenn forgot and apologizes but keeps ranting until Brady arrives and Nicole runs away. Jenn continues 'breathing fire' and Brady promises to talk to Nic but thinks Jenn's spiraling out of control. Jenn screams that she's calm but continues ranting.

Daniel opens the door to his apartment to Maggie. He tells her he's leaving town. Maggie wonders who she gets to blame for this. He tells her this is about Jennifer and Melanie. Maggie tears up and begs him to tell her what's going on. He has some things that he needs to work out and asks her to keep quiet about it for now. Daniel leaves a message for Rafe and Nicole arrives with her baggage and sums up her conversation with 'crazy' Jenn. They need to leave town, now! He needs time and thinks she needs to see her OBGYN.

Abby wanders into the cafe where she finds Chad. She asks questions about Melanie but he tells her to stay out of it but she can't and asks if he beat up Nick. Chad walks away.


Kate arrives at the pub to find Nick. She offers him a job and follows him out to discuss details. Caroline and Gabi watch and mock Kate. Bo heads into the pub. It's closed. Caroline asks if he shouldn't be out buying a wooden leg and a parrot. He admits he's staying in Salem. She can't hide her happiness and begins to tell Bo a story Lexi told her yesterday. Bo frowns and reminds Caroline that Lexi's dead. Caroline claims she knows and denies mixing up the dates. She becomes unraveled and starts bussing tables and dropping glasses. Bo tries to help and she starts screaming for "Shawn" to leave her alone. She snaps out of it and realizes what she has done.

Nick lets Kate into the mansion. She knows he's ready for this job. He's a scientist. Kate says the future of CW is synthetic organics. He wrote something about that on his resume for CW and can tell Kate's trying to kill the competition. He thinks it sounds illegal and shows her the door.

Sneak peek!

Kayla knows what's wrong with Caroline.

Stefano recruits Kristen Blake to help reunite the DiMera clan.

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- Christine Fix

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