A Good Deed That Hasn't Gone Unpunished.

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Jennifer vents about Nicole, Rafe and Sami talk, and Marlena urges Hope to be honest.

A Good Deed That Hasn't Gone Unpunished. image

Hope meets Bo at the cafe. He's been thinking about what to do, and has an idea. Bo wants to take a big adventure, track down their son, and see the world through Ciara's eyes. He shows her the ports he's picked. She points out that every one is home to a DiMera enterprise. Marlena appears, feeling bad about the budget cuts, but Bo says Roman did him a big favor. Bo excitedly takes off, and Hope fills Marlena in on Bo's plans. Marlena thinks Hope should confess she's not as excited as Bo. Hope admits she was homesick last time but she can't ruin it for Bo. Marlena urges her to tell Bo the truth.

Daniel finds Jennifer at the hospital and tells her she doesn't have to resign - he will. She asks where he'll go, and wants him to assure her that Nicole won't be going too. Daniel says Nicole needs him and they argue heatedly. Jenn brings up all the men Nicole's used in the past and advises him not to let her ruin his life. He says it's not her business. Jenn moves close and says he's an honest, caring man and that's what got him into this mess - he could lose his medical license and go to prison - for what? They argue again. Daniel says he'll never talk to Jenn about Nicole, and stalks off. Later, Billie comes upon Jennifer repeating, "I hate her!" She tells her it's Nicole. Billie asks why she moved her in. Jenn says it was a good deed that hasn't gone unpunished, and she's gone now. She hopes she never has to see her again. Billie asks what she did. Jenn says she's ruining Daniel's life.

In the square, Nicole looks at Rafe and imagines telling him she lost the baby. She watches as he takes a call and then approaches. Sami appears and goes off with Rafe. Nicole realizes they're back together and talks to herself about life being unfair. She gets a message from Daniel wanting to discuss Utah. Nicole wonders if he's back with Jennifer, or if he knows she lost the baby. Daniel calls and asks to meet at the coffee house.


Rafe and Sami take a bottle of wine for a picnic at the sight of their first real date. They think back on it and muse about how much has happened since then. Sami goes over the mistakes she made in the past and says their second chance won't work if he can't forgive her. Rafe talks about knowing what he had to do after their kiss. Sami brings up EJ blackmailing Gabi but Rafe doesn't want to discuss him. Rafe tells Sami he forgives her. She cries. He then asks if she can forgive him for being with Carrie - he knew how much it would hurt her, and it was wrong. Sami forgives him too. They kiss. He says they also need to discuss Nicole. Sami begins, "If you really are the father of Nicole's baby..." Rafe, irritated, walks off. Sami apologizes. They kiss and lie down on the picnic blanket, but stop and laugh when they hear a noise. They agree to wait until tonight.

At the pub, Bo fills Caroline in on his family's plan to hit the high seas again. Caroline says she'll make doll clothes with Ciara when they return. Bo says she won't be interested by then - it takes a long time to see the world. Caroline hugs him, and then calls him Roman again. He points it out. She tells him how she recalls things from his childhood. Bo chats with Gabi, who mentions Caroline seems overworked and tired. He learns she mixed up names the other day. Bo is concerned. He goes outside and runs into Hope, who asks what's wrong. Bo shrugs. Hope tells him she's not sure that taking this trip around the world right now is such a good idea.


At the coffee house, Daniel tells Nicole about the power outage at the hospital, but says it's not really his problem - he wants to go to Utah with her. Nicole is thrilled. Daniel takes a call from Melanie. Nicole talks to her baby, saying she will tell Daniel the truth in Utah once they're away from the hateful Jennifer, who would be glad the baby's dead.

Daniel returns to the hospital, where Billie tells him Jennifer's really upset about him and Nicole - she's known her for a long time and she is really, really upset!


Nicole is taking the last of her things from Jennifer's house when Jenn comes through the door.

Sneak Peek!

Jennifer confronts Nicole about ruining Daniel's life.

Hope admits she's not anxious to travel and Bo too has had second thoughts due to Caroline.

Caroline has another episode with Bo, which devastates both.

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- Candace Young

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