Darkness Against Light.

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Nicole gets devastating news, Bo makes a decision, and Stefano calls his son.

Darkness Against Light. image

At the hospital, Nicole reels over Dr. Sedwik not being able to find the baby's heartbeat. They do an ultrasound and Nicole begs, "Give me the wand!" Nicole sobs as Dr. Sedwick tells her, "I'm sorry. Nicole, your baby is dead." They had no way to detect this. The doctor writes notes as the computer system's still not up while Nicole stares glumly. The doctor will have a nurse contact her about inducing labor.

Jennifer's floored when Daniel tells her at the cafe, that they're no longer friends because they're going in two different directions. What that makes them - acquaintances? She blames Nicole for risking his career and asks him to consider his family. He tells her to get out of his life and leaves.

EJ spies behind a tree at the square as Sami and Rafe make-out, rehash how Sami learned the truth about EJ's blackmail and discuss their future. Each gets texts that they ignore. Rafe goes to get take-out as Sami confronts EJ for his betrayal. He explains that though it was misguided... "Twisted and sick," she interrupts. He says his motives were pure. He loves her. She comments that he doesn't have a heart. He hasn't changed one iota. She calls his words of love empty but Rafe knows what love is. EJ thinks she's doing the safe and expected thing by pitting him - darkness, against light. EJ calls Rafe a liar.

At the pub, Kayla and Bo discuss her using work as a distraction. Bo rambles about his frustrations with work. Hope arrives and gushes about how supportive she is in whatever Bo's decision is. Kayla brings up all the layoffs going on, surprising Bo. He runs out to ream out his brother.


Bo runs into Roman's office to berate him for laying off new cops. Bo's more senior than both of them and if he takes early retirement Roman can keep them. Roman calls that counterproductive. Bo hands over his resignation he's had for a week. Roman's visibly upset.

Nick busses tables at the pub when Maggie and Rafe walk in. Rafe takes Nick aside to thank him for defending Gabi but wonders why he did it. Nick thought Gabi needed a break and she's been there for him. He promises not to take advantage of Gabi and gets Rafe some grub.

At home, Jenn's about to recycle Nicole's baby magazines when Kayla arrives. Jenn's considering quitting work. They both get emergency messages and rush to University.

Daniel goes to the mansion to confront Maggie about talking to Jennifer about their confidential discussions. Maggie tries to defend her actions but winds up apologizing. She runs off to help Ciara and he calls Nicole about moving to Utah.


Back at the hospital, Nicole sobs and reflects on what could have been as she looks at Halloween costumes. Jenn and Kayla arrive. The power has been out in the ER for an hour. Jenn gets a release out and Kayla tells a nurse to get dispatch to send patients to another hospital. Anne stops by to gripe at Jenn for taking her time with the release and Jenn pounds the desk. "Enough!" Anne sees Dr. Jonas and runs away and Daniel examines Jenn's hand. Back in her room, Nicole has dressed. She tries to answer Daniel's voicemail but can't so she leaves, encountering Daniel and Jenn together laughing. She starts to cry.

Bo returns to the pub to Hope. She learns he resigned. She hugs him but seems hesitant. They leave.

EJ tries to work in his office but is so angry he pounds on his desk. Stefano calls.

Sami and Rafe arrive at the loft with food. She tells him she confronted EJ. He was who texted her but there'll be no more lies. She asks if Rafe's the father of Nicole's baby.


Bo and Hope visit Ciara at the mansion. Maggie listens as Bo vows to Ciara that he'll never miss another assembly again.

Sneak peek!

Sami wants Rafe to let her in on Nicole's paternity secret.

EJ rejects Stefano's help.

Stefano makes a call to a mysterious person...

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