You Weren't Supposed To Leave Me.

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Nicole's overwhelmed by emotion, EJ fields a call from Stefano, and Lucas fixes things with Will.

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EJ, at his desk, angrily picks up Stefano's call, saying he doesn't want contact. Stefano thinks someone has hurt EJ and wants a name - he'll make them pay. EJ ends the call.

At home, Sami tells Rafe if he and Nicole are keeping a secret from EJ, she can help them get away with it. She says she understands wanting to keep him from the baby, though he's been a good father to her kids. Sami says she's all in. She assures him she's seen the light where EJ's concerned - she should never have trusted him. Sami tells Rafe she could get EJ to confide in her so they can stay a step ahead of him. Rafe says she seems excited at the prospect of getting close to EJ. Sami says they have to trust each other and be honest. Rafe insists there's no secret, and accuses Sami of not wanting Nicole's baby to be his - she needs to tell him now if it's a problem. They kiss.


Nicole tearfully watches Daniel interacting with Jennifer in the hospital waiting area and flashes to being told her baby is dead. Nicole returns to her hospital room and cries, "This isn't happening! My baby's not gone. Daniel, I need you. Why are you with her?" She throws the baby gifts on the floor and sobs that it's so unfair. Nicole talks to the lost baby, Daniel Rafael, who wasn't supposed to leave her. She has to get out of there, but has nowhere to go. She freaks out until she spots a scalpel. In the waiting area, Jennifer stalks off angrily when Daniel refuses to discuss Nicole with her. Kayla notes the tension. Daniel phones someone he needs to see. In her room, Nicole holds the scalpel and imagines Daniel coming in and telling her he's back with Jennifer. A nurse enters and Nicole puts the scalpel down. The nurse yaks about the computers being down and everything being recorded on paper before offering congratulations and leaving. Nicole stuffs her file in her purse and cries while picking up the baby clothes. In the waiting area, Jennifer tells Kayla about her trouble with Anne. Kayla thinks Jenn may want to quit because of Daniel and Nicole. Jenn denies it, but admits she thinks Nicole is changing Daniel and she can't watch it. They each leave as Nicole walks to the elevator.

Kate tells Lucas, at the pub, she's plotting to bring down Sami. Lucas sighs. She asks what's going on. He says it's not about Sami or Will; this time he's the problem. He says he saw Will and Sonny kissing - in public. Kate observes that gay people do kiss. Lucas says it was one thing to imagine what they might do behind closed doors, but it made him uncomfortable to see it. He tells her he couldn't hide it from Will, who told him they have nothing left to say to each other if he can't accept him for who he is. Kate says Will is right. Lucas complains that it's hard for him. Kate says it's not up to him who Will falls in love with. Lucas worries that Will thinks he's homophobic. Kate says he'll have to prove him wrong. Lucas knows what he needs to do. Later, EJ enters. Kate pegs his miserable look as being due to Sami Brady. EJ won't discuss Samantha, but tells her Stefano called him today. Kate's not surprised he didn't ask about her. EJ muses that it's like Stefano knows when he might be tempted to fall back into the devil that is Dimera. Kate wonders if EJ will let Stefano back in his life. He says he's done with that man.


Victor watches Will flirting with Sonny as he enters the cafe. Victor and Sonny step aside. Sonny admits they're more than just friends. Victor assures him he's fine with him being gay and just wants him to be happy. Sonny says he is happy. Victor invites Sonny and Will to come over sometime before leaving. Sonny says 'Uncle Vic' is a great guy. Later, Lucas enters with something to say. He talks about what an ass he's made of himself and tells them they have something special. Will hugs him.

Daniel visits Victor at home. Victor talks about when Daniel was born and being a part of the man he has become. Daniel says Victor was always there when he needed him, but this isn't one of those times - he knows where he's going. Victor says he's a good man. They embrace.

In the park, Nicole tears up her file from the hospital and puts it in the trash. Billie passes by and tells her she's got that glow. After, Nicole spots Rafe in the square after he's kissed Sami goodbye. She walks toward him.

At home, Stefano tells someone by phone that he can't convince EJ to come back to the family, so he's the only hope he has.


Daniel returns to the hospital and tells Jennifer she doesn't have to leave - he will.

Sneak Peek!

Nicole and Daniel confirm plans to move to Utah.

Jennifer unleashes anger toward Nicole at Billie.

Rafe admits he does forgive Sami.

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- Candace Young

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