Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Jenn and Daniel get into it, Caroline has another memory issue, and Chad vows to make Gabi pay.

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Nicole finds Rafe moping around the woods near the square over Sami. She groans about him getting involved with Sami again but still wants to help him.

Daniel catches Jennifer on the phone in her office, pretending to work for EJ while she attempts to find out more about a possible DNA switch. Daniel hangs up on her and goes off the rails. Jenn reminds him of Nicole's many past misdeeds and Daniel shuts her down, telling her to stay out of his business. Daniel claims she used him until Jack walked back into her life. Jenn's hurt. He has moved on and doesn't need her to screw up his life. She's just worried about him as a friend. Daniel says he has moved on with Nicole. Jenn worries about his medical license but it's none of her business. She can't believe it. He yells, "I can't believe you walked away from being happy just because Jack was helpless without you." Jenn thinks that's cruel.


Sami cries on EJ's shoulder over Rafe. She's uncomfortable considering how she treated EJ. They're about to kiss when Chad bangs on the door. Chad rants about Nick Fallon walking free. "I should have killed him!" Sami heads inside and EJ blasts his brother for saying such things in public. He holds Chad back from taking off half-cocked and asks Chad to trust him. Chad has nothing left to lose if Melanie leaves forever. Sami returns and overhears Chad threaten to go to the police about Gabi being involved with Melanie's kidnapping. EJ refuses to let him and shushes him. Sami's offer of food is turned down so she tells Chad to hang in there. She heads inside and EJ promises he has Chad's back. Chad accuses EJ of protecting the sister of the man he despises. Why? EJ flashes to blackmailing Rafe and says it won't help bring Melanie back. Chad leaves and EJ takes Sami out for air.

Maggie leaves an envelope on Chad's doorstep.

Gabi leaves a message for Rafe, worried she's going to prison.

Back near the square, Nicole offers to bring Rafe for a martini. He doesn't drink them. She does. She knows but was hoping to sniff the fumes, but decides against it. They laugh and discuss the baby and Nic shows him a list of three paternity companies who may be doing the DNA test. Rafe has a friend at the FBI who can help them. Rafe flashes to EJ blackmailing him and a flash of concern comes over his face. Nicole worries he is having second thoughts but he'll stand by her.

Maggie visits Nick at the pub and Gabi greets them. Maggie raises her eyebrows. Nick claims Gabi's just being friendly. Maggie hopes this trouble with Chad will die down but Nick thinks it'll only get worse. Maggie thanks Caroline for hiring Nick but Caroline barks out that he's still in apprenticeship and stalks off. Caroline tells Gabi she used to hate that woman for marrying her Shawn. Gabi's confused. Maggie married Victor. "That's what I said," Caroline says, and heads out for a walk. Later, Gabi tells Nick to go home. She'll lock up.

Jenn stomps through the square and bumps into Nicole, who makes snide comments. Jenn knows she's a threat to Nicole and reminds Nicole she's in mourning and is a real person. Nicole gloats over having a perfect life and pats her stomach. Jenn brings up the DNA switch. Nicole calls her a bitch. "Maybe I'm not the cream puff you think I am," Jenn says, which makes Nicole a 'stupid bitch'. Caroline walks up and Jenn yells that she'll make Nicole pay for what she has done.


Daniel arrives home, has a drink and finds Maggie on his doorstep. They miss Melanie together and talk about how brutal he was earlier with Jenn. Maggie wonders if Jenn still cares for Daniel very much.

Chad arrives home and finds Mel's engagement ring in an envelope. He throws it across the room with a guttural yell and runs out.


Rafe stands outside the cafe listening to Gabi's message when he sees EJ stroking Sami's hair. Inside, Sami wonders how nice EJ can be when she's been so terrible to him. "I love you," EJ says. He always has and always will. She needs time to figure everything out. In walks Rafe.

Chad turns up at the pub and tells Gabi he's going to hurt her, just as she has hurt him.

Sneak peek!

Gabi and Nick kiss.

Brady intervenes with Nic and Jenn.

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