A Warm Day In Paradise.

Monday, October 1st, 2012

EJ's plans for Sami run smoothly, Daniel catches Jennifer looking into the DNA business, and Bo gets advice from Caroline.

A Warm Day In Paradise. image

Sami opens up to Rafe at his loft. She'd like to start their life over but he says it's not going to work. "There is no us. We're done," he insists. Sami's shocked and asks what changed since yesterday. Rafe doesn't want to over-analyze. He flashes to EJ blackmailing him. Sami's certain he remembers loving her. "I know I will never forget loving you." Rafe insists it's over and crushed, Sami leaves.

Hope barges into Bo's office. She's been looking for him all day. He's buried in paper-work and has forgotten Ciara's classroom poetry reading. Pissed, he blames 'this damned job' for getting in the way. They talk about him devoting all of his time to getting to Stefano. She agrees to it as long as he lets her help sometimes. They cannodle.

Gabi drops by to see Abigail at home but finds Nicole. They talk about Melanie ditching Chad and leaving town. Gabi leaves and Nicole fixes her hair in a gigantic compact before running to Daniel.

Jenn has a visit from Abigail at work. Abby felt bad about the way they left things. Jenn's busy looking up information on DNA labs and flashes to Daniel telling her to stay out of his business. She apologizes for starting their fight. They agree that part of their overreacting is due to the grief. They talk about Jack and gossip about Melanie's rushed wedding. Jenn encourages her to tell Melanie her real feelings. They discuss Jenn wanting Nicole out of the house after the baby's born. Abigail opens up about her talk with Nicole, which Jennifer finds incredulous. "She's playing divide and conquer? How dare she!" Abby thinks Nicole's just lonely. Jenn doubts it. Jenn worries Nicole will hurt Daniel, causing Abigail to question her true feelings for Daniel. Jenn has a meltdown and reminds her daughter that her husband just died. She apologizes for flying off the handle and gets back to work.


EJ drops by Daniel's place to see Melanie but she has already left town. Daniel refuses to tell him more. The men argue about what kind of man Chad is. Nicole walks in on them and Daniel lets her in and slams the door in EJ's face. EJ tells the door that saying goodbye to Melanie is going to be a warm day in paradise compared to what will happen when he exposes them. EJ leaves Chad a vague update on his cell while inside, Daniel tells Nicole Chad broke Melanie's heart. Nicole identifies with a DiMera shredding her heart and holds Daniel's hand in a show of support. Daniel may have come up with a way to make things less stressful.


Roman finds Caroline on the phone at the pub, annoyed with someone about a work issue. They discuss Bo possibly leaving SPD. Roman will be left in the lurch if Bo decides to leave, he admits. Caroline tells him this is about his brother. "Roman needs your support." He reminds her he's Roman.

Roman goes to SPD to tell Bo he's one of his 'hall of fame' detectives. They need him but he may not need them. Later, Roman goes to Hope with personnel records he'd like her to help him with. He muses about making cutbacks and promoting one detective if Bo leaves.

Sami marches into her apartment in a mood.

Rafe mopes around his loft. EJ calls and confirms their bargaining. Rafe assures EJ he just saw Sami and "It's done." He slams the phone down and throws a beer bottle against the wall while EJ considers Samantha must be feeling terrible.

Bo arrives at the pub and shows Caroline an editorial in the news about a carjacking conviction. This is why he's a cop. Caroline takes out a picture of Ciara and tells him this is another reason why. Caroline gives him some advice to consider about spending time with family.

Gabi arrives at Rafe's loft. She wants to pay him back for hiring Justin but he refuses. He'd do anything for her.


As Sami gazes at a family photo EJ arrives with Johnny's football he found at the mansion. He can see she's upset. "Are you okay?" She hides the family photo and coldly tells him she's fine and then opens up and shares that Rafe will never get over the grief-sex. EJ hugs her and grins to himself slyly.

Abigail meets Gabi at the cafe and learns Melanie called the wedding off and left town. Gabi doesn't give a reason.

Daniel overhears a nurse at the hospital holding all calls for Jennifer. He gets suspicious and runs to Jenn's office, where he catches her on a call about EJ.

Nicole finds Rafe sadly wandering through the woods.

Sneak peek!

Daniel tells Jenn to stay out of his business!

Jenn and Nicole square off and seem ready to fight.

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- Christine Fix

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