Helicopter Dad.

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Marlena counsels Nick and Melanie, Nicole's run-in with EJ has her flustered, and Rafe gets a promotion.

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Marlena visits Nick in prison. He tells her he is a better man than when he was arrested. He'd like to make a difference in the world and knows he has to take responsibility for his life. Nick still cares for Melanie as a friend and can't stand the idea of causing her anymore pain.


In Chad's room, Melanie tries to get Daniel to open up about his feelings for Jennifer. He changes the topic to an assurance that he'll never let her down again. Melanie talks about Nick's parole and what it will mean to Abigail. She doesn't want to be a victim and refuses to live her life in fear. She asks Daniel to stop being a helicopter dad.


EJ stops Nicole at the square. She notices he's carrying daffodils which stand for new beginnings. EJ asks if she heard the good news - that he's innocent. Innocent is one thing he is not, she comments. He reminds her that he has to determine whether or not he's the father of her baby.


Sami waltzes into SPD looking for EJ but finds Rafe. They bicker. Roman interrupts with good news. Rafe was responsible for the charges against Will being dropped. Sami's thrilled. Roman takes off and Sami admits Lucas is still unhappy with both her and Will. Rafe leaves and Roman returns. He chastises Sami for defending EJ and abandoning her kids. Roman thinks she can do better than EJ. Roman tells her Rafe's getting a promotion. Roman pushed through the paperwork when EJ was gone. He needs his big guns and Rafe's one of them. Sami muses that he doesn't have to sell Rafe to her. Roman hints at a future with Rafe. Sami talks about how there has always been something there with EJ that she has denied and she needs to follow her heart.


Abe and Theo arrive at the pub with hugs for all. The kids talk about eating chocolate cake and broccoli and run off to the kitchen while Abe assures Hope and Bo that he and Theo will make it through without Lexi. Maggie arrives and she and Hope discuss Nick. Maggie will be there for Nick, but is torn between him and her granddaughter. Hope goes off when Marlena walks in. She tells Maggie that Nick's healthy and well-adjusted and volunteers to talk to Melanie.

Back at the square, Nicole's annoyed that EJ hasn't forgotten about doing a second DNA test at another hospital. He warns her about what'll happen in her future if she repeats the same egregious error she did when she lied about Sydney. Rafe interrupts and Nicole takes off. She leaves a message for Daniel. Rafe and EJ bicker. Rafe refuses to allow EJ to bully a pregnant woman. EJ gloats over going to see his children and their beautiful mother. "If you wouldn't mind stepping aside..."


Nicole finds Daniel at the hospital. He tells her what's going on with Melanie and Nicole finds his approach to the situation admirable. She voices concerns that EJ will learn the truth and if Daniel's caught, EJ will take revenge on him, too. Daniel tells her not to worry. He has an idea. He doesn't want to keep 'this thing' between them a secret. He wants her to move in with him. Nicole snaps out of a daydream embarrassed. "Pregnancy brain," she says. He has to go back to work but promises they'll figure it out.


Hope visits Nick in prison, upset that he's considering cancelling his parole hearing. She tries talking him out of it. She fills him in on her troubles with pills which lead her to prison.


Marlena drops by Chad's apartment. Melanie's receptive to discussing Nick. Marlena suggests she stop thinking about what other people think. Melanie's shocked to learn that if Nick doesn't get parole tomorrow, he has to wait 18 months.


Bo wanders into Rafe's office after hearing of Rafe's promotion. "You fooled them," he jokes. Rafe laughs. "Fake it 'til you make it."


Sami finds EJ at her door. He hands her the flowers in thanks and tells her they mean 'new beginnings'. Johnny and Sydney rush into the room and into EJ's arms. Johnny shows EJ his game and Caroline comes out of nowhere and takes the kids out. EJ takes this opportunity to thank Sami and kisses her.

Caroline sits with Johnny and Syd at the square while they eat ice cream. Rafe overhears that Sami is with EJ.

Sneak peek!

Rafe consoles Brady.

Brady asks Victor for his old job back.

Sami realizes the men in her life are distractions.

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