King Of The Gays.

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

EJ gets a massive shock at what's behind the curtain, Sonny faces consequences for kissing Will, and Maggie learns Jack's dead.

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Sonny's so relieved that Will lived through the explosion that he kisses him. Will's confused and pushes Sonny away, upset. "Wow, what the hell is wrong with you?" Sonny assumes Will's in denial. He knew Will was gay the moment they met. Will yells, "I'm not gay enough for you if I'm not flaunting it around town?" Sonny retorts that Will came out but didn't seem to get the memo. Will says Sonny may think he's the "king of the gays" in this town but he knows who he is. Will questions their friendship. They argue and Will says, "Maybe I don't want..." Sonny finishes for him, "To be gay?" Will stalks off.


Marlena babysits the children at Sami's apartment. She makes a call to John. Johnny comes racing into the room with his Laughing Penguin asking for his mommy. Later, Will returns and Marlena can see he's upset. They talk about how Will may not be comfortable with coming out. Will sometimes feels alone. Marlena says everyone does but someday, he'll meet someone who will make that disappear for him.


When Sami tries to escape Rafe at the safe house, Rafe snags her and cuffs her. She flashes to the exact same scene at the safe house when they first met. They bicker. Rafe plans to keep her there until EJ returns. Rafe is surprised at Sami's loyalty to EJ and assumes EJ won't return. Sami gets the discussion back to Carrie and Sami thinks this is about her. Rafe calls her a narcissist and she spits out, "You're a passive aggressive, blame shifting egomaniac." This isn't about Carrie. He tells her "it's about you, you maniac!" He feels for Lucas, calling him a sap and wonders how her lousy choices reflect upon her kids. They bicker some more and Rafe's astounded when Sami admits EJ going on the run is her idea. Somehow talk turns to whether or not Rafe's Nicole's baby daddy. He confirms it and gives Sami some dinner. Suddenly, Silvio rushes in with a gun and he and Rafe start wrestling. Sami screams when it appears that Rafe is stabbed.


Maggie arrives at Jenn's place and learns Jack's dead. They cry and hug and Maggie gives both Jenn and Abby her condolences and then whispers, "You're not alone, Jennifer." Maggie heads out and leaves Daniel a message while Abigail reads Jack's book inside while snuggled on the sofa with Jenn.


At the hospital Diane, a candy striper, arrives with clothing for Nicole. Nicole borrows make-up and gets dressed. Daniel turns up. He can't make dinner later. They discuss how he's still on board to protect her baby. Maggie arrives and tells Daniel the news about Jack. Daniel automatically starts dialing Jenn's number but hangs up. Nicole listens from the door, upset to learn Jack is dead. She's upset and decides Jenn needs a reminder of how things are 'supposed to be'. Meanwhile, Maggie assumes by the look on Daniel's face that he is still in love with Jennifer. Daniel denies that.


In some mysterious place, Ian throws back a curtain. "Tada!" EJ's mouth drops. A beaten Stefano's tied to a chair wearing a Hannibal Lechter mask. EJ doesn't believe it's really Stefano. Ian confesses they buried Paolo. Stefano comes to and EJ stares. Ian asks if EJ's ever been in love. EJ doesn't know what he's on about. Ian says neither did Stefano. Ian retrieves a knife from a briefcase and tells EJ "the old man has a very high tolerance for pain." Ian holds the knife against EJ's neck in the hopes EJ will tell him what he wants to know. Ian backs off. Stefano struggles with his ropes as Ian asks EJ what he knows about the DiMera coin. Ian says he is the only heir to Yvette, Santo's lover. Her name is engraved on the other side of the coin. EJ scoffs, realizing Ian thinks he's a DiMera. Ian wants the entire DiMera fortune. He removes Stefano's mask and Stefano barks, "He is not a DiMera! He is a bastard." EJ wonders why he's there since he's not family anyway. Ian threatens to harm Theo as he holds the knife to EJ's neck once again. When that doesn't spark anything from Stefano, Ian moves away, and EJ yells that he'll be waiting a long time for Stefano to care about what happens to him. Ian laughs and asks how authentic that note from Alice Horton was. It's not difficult to switch blood types. He informs the men they're father and son. "In spirit and in blood."


Brian visits Sonny at the Coffee Bean to give his condolences about Sonny's uncle Jack. Sonny's grateful. Brian can see something else is bothering him and offers to lend an ear while they drink cappuccinos. Will walks in as Brian leans in to wipe off Sonny's face.

Sneak peek!

Gabi and Will kiss...

Sonny is beaten.

Ian Buchanan's last airdate as Ian.

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