Big Bark With A Tiny Little Bite.

Monday, August 20th, 2012

EJ is abducted by Ian, Rafe arrests Sami, and T returns to town, angry that Will is gay.

Big Bark With A Tiny Little Bite. image

Sami is shocked to find Rafe at the safe house. He's there to arrest her and EJ. He's not there. Sami tries playing innocent but Rafe spots the romantic dinner and her sexy dress. She admits she doesn't know where EJ is. Rafe tells her they'll wait. Bored, she braids her hair while they wait and calls him a jackass when he demands to know how EJ got in touch with his thug friends. Bickering ensues. She insists EJ is innocent. Rafe yells at her for abandoning her kids. Sami thinks Rafe's still punishing her. "Carrie put you up to this didn't she?" Rafe tells her to leave Carrie out of this but is still angry Sami "trashed" their marriage. Sami refuses to take full blame and is bitter thinking Carrie will soon dump Austin for him. Rafe informs her that Carrie and Austin returned to Switzerland. Sami is curious about their goodbye but Rafe's tight-lipped. He flashes to Carrie telling him Sami still loves him and that she's sure Sami's still under his skin. Sami knows he's hiding something. "When you lie, it's like the whole world tilts on its access." Sami's sorry Carrie hurt him. Rafe turns his head and Sami tries to escape. Rafe catches her.


In her hospital room, Nicole stops Daniel from talking about pressuring her into a relationship. She tells him she has had an epiphany. In another room, Melanie and Gabi are surprised to find Andrew wheeled in. Melanie runs to tell Maggie and Daniel and Nicole's talk is interrupted. Daniel runs to find Andrew. Meanwhile, Andrew grabs Gabi's arm and outs her in front of Chad before he gasps his last breath. Andrew dies and Chad calls Gabi a bitch. Gabi tries to explain. Chad drags her into another room where she spills the beans about the fake stalker and how she begged Andrew to let Melanie go. Chad is disgusted with her. Daniel, Melanie and Maggie rush to Andrew's side with a cop but Daniel notes Andrew's dead. In the other room, Gabi explains the pain she has gone through with losing Arianna and Will. She hates herself right now. Chad calls her the most selfish, deluded and dangerous person he has met. "And I'm a DiMera!" Gabi cries, realizing Melanie will learn the truth. Chad walks out on her and Gabi follows. Melanie rushes into Gabi's arms, happy she's alright. Everyone wanders off and Chad starts in on Gabi again. Daniel turns up in Nic's room and fills her in. She knows it's lousy to say but she's glad Andrew is dead. Nicole invites him to visit her later for dinner to continue their discussion. By the nurse's station, Chad warns Gabi to stay away from Melanie or else. Mel returns and Gabi goes to give a statement.


Sonny runs into the pub looking for Will. Justin can see Sonny really cares for him. Sonny hasn't seen him since the explosion so they run off to search for him.


Will is happy to see T stop by the square. How long has he been in town? "Long enough to know that you're a fairy," T sneers. Will and T walk to a wooded area and Will tries to explain that he wasn't sure he was gay until recently. T thinks Sonny "turned" Will gay and asks if Gabi wasn't hot enough for him. Will says that's not it. "I've always been gay and for the record, Gabi is fine with it." T's angry that after being his best friend for years, he didn't even know. Will's sorry T feels left out. T thinks everyone pretends to be find with Will being gay but when they're alone, they feel sick to their stomach about "the mechanics of it." Will refuses to apologize for who he is. Tad thinks being gay is a fad. Will assures him it is not. T refuses to have anything to do with Will anymore, and walks away. Sonny and Justin find Will quietly weeping. Justin leaves and Will tells Sonny he's a bad person for not helping others through the explosion. Sonny denies this and is glad Will's fine. He leans in and surprises Will with a kiss.


EJ is tied up and held prisoner by Ian. Ian starts babbling and crying about losing Madison, the love of his life. Ian rambles about his timetable being useless now and that he has nothing to wait for. He takes a drink. EJ thinks he has had enough to drink and gets Ian to talk about his timetable. Ian wants EJ's help and tells him he killed Stefano. EJ's pissed off. Why did Ian set him up? Ian scoffs. It was easy. EJ works at the ropes around his wrists. Ian shares that this was always about giving Madison everything. Ian caresses the other half of the coin. EJ wonders what makes Ian think he'd want to help him. Ian yells, "You sound like your father. Your non-lamented father. Just like him. Big bark with a tiny little bite." Ian decides to give him a reason to help him. He opens up a curtain and yells, "Tada!" EJ's mouth drops open in shock.

Sneak peek!

Will realizes he does have feelings for Sonny.

Will finds Sonny with Brian.

Stefano is alive.

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