I Killed Him!

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Somebody makes a startling reveal, EJ's tired of keeping his distance from Sami, and everyone learns of Jack's death.

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Sami wakes up at the safe house and EJ again thinks she should go home. She won't. They go back and forth for a while. Sami can't figure out how to use the remote control so EJ tells her, "I think all you have to do is press the red button on top." Suddenly, Silvio, Stefano's henchman bursts in brandishing a gun. Silvio greets EJ with a hug and shows them a laptop before running off to get them clothing. EJ puts some sort of scrambler on the laptop so Sami can go on Facebook. Sami learns that Marlena and the kids are fine. Later, Silvio has dropped off clothes. Sami refuses to wear a little black number, instead putting on 80s flowered jeans. EJ thinks she looks smashing. "I'm just lucky these jeans have come back in again," Sami says. EJ doesn't think she could look any sexier than she does now. He holds her hand but she tells him he's crazy and they should focus on something else. He grins and she throws her napkin at him. He had no intentions of seducing her but now that they're alone...they start making out.


Gabi watches uncomfortably while Melanie and Chad reunite with a lingering kiss in the tunnels. Chad tells them Andrew got away.


Kate and Ian continue their screaming match in Madison's hotel room. Kate tells him he's not half the man Stefano was. "Not in the boardroom and not in the bedroom." Ian thinks she should be down on her knees, grateful, "that I killed him." Kate gasps. "What did you say?" Ian mumbles, "I said nothing." Ian offers her scotch for her shock. He insists she wanted this but she sobs that she didn't and attacks Ian. They break up and she tries running to tell Roman but he locks the door. Ian warns Roman won't believe her but Kate knows EJ will. Ian reminds her EJ's on the lam and doesn't think EJ cares about his father. Kate denies this. Ian threatens her with a broken wine bottle and tells her to watch her step. He kisses her and leaves.


In the ballroom, Jennifer gently explains to Adrienne and Justin that Jack died tonight. Adrienne bawls with sorrow and disbelief. Nearby, Julie overhears and her jaw drops as Abigail says Jack died a hero. Julie goes to Jenn for a hug and they reminisce about dancing with Jack and working with him at the paper. "Dad was always his biggest friend. They're together now," Julie says, breaking down.


Bo runs off from the square to get Daniel's medical bag. Nicole worries and when Bo returns, Daniel gives her a shot. Nicole's shocked. The contractions have stopped. Daniel's relieved to note that the baby's heartbeat is stronger. Bo takes off back to the ballroom and Nicole is overwhelmed. He saved her baby's life. They kiss and he runs off to help others.


Cameron turns up at the pub to relieve Kayla but she has it under control. Jenn, Abigail, Julie, Adrienne and Justin arrive. Kayla worries Jack's hurt. Julie tells them Jack died tonight. They'd like to find out where his remains are. Kayla and Adrienne run to call Steve and Jenn calls JJ. Cameron consoles Abigail who will never accept what happened tonight. Calls are made to family and Kayla says Steve is devastated. They learn Jack's body is at the morgue at the hospital. Justin hands her Jack's personal effects which consist of a pen, notepad and wallet with an old 80s photo of the couple, his cell phone, car keys and ring. Jenn weeps.


Melanie, Brady, Gabi and Chad arrive at the square and Melanie jumps into Daniel's arms, crying. Daniel's pissed to learn Andrew got away. Chad and Gabi go off to get food. They return and Daniel forces Mel to go to the hospital. Chad finds out there have been a number of fatalities.


Bo turns up in Nicole's room at the hospital to see how she and the baby are doing. Nicole thanks him for all his help tonight. He tells her EJ skipped town and leaves.


Brady finds Kate in Madi's hotel room. Why is she there? "Where's Madison?" Kate is so sorry.


Bo walks by the pub and finds Abigail and Cameron. He learns Jack died. Bo's in shock as he holds Abby close.

Sneak peek!

Gabi wants to come clean with Chad.

Daniel tells Maggie about his problem with priorities.

Nicole opens up to Father Matt.

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