A Toast To SOBs.

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Kate confronts Ian, Daniel searches for Nicole, and the elevator cable snaps.

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At the fundraiser site, Daniel calls for Nicole. Hope says she's not there. He can't believe she disappeared. Bo finds a place where Nicole may have crawled out. In the foyer, Ian holds Madison and laments ever letting her go. John tells him to stay with her and wait for help. Ian says it's too late - he's lost her. Ian tells John this is Brady's fault and he'll make him pay! John says if Madison died thinking Brady didn't love her, it's his fault! Kate listens to them bicker without a word. At the elevator, Cameron pries the door open and Jack pushes Abigail out. Jack is left inside and the elevator cable breaks. Jenn and Abigail scream.


In the tunnels, Chad and Gabi don't know what to do next. She says the tunnel must have caved in. Chad hollers at Gabi to help him dig out. He warns if there's one more explosion the whole place will cave in on them. Dirt falls as Chad works. Gabi pulls him away - they have to get out before they die in there! Chad wants to keep going until they find Mel and Brady. Elsewhere, Melanie tells Brady there is going to be another explosion. Brady is down about his wedding and becomes determined to get out of there. The wall caves in on top of them. They're both unconscious. Melanie awakens but can't rouse Brady. She tries to revive him with CPR. He comes to and Melanie helps him to his feet. They carefully start digging out again. They worry about what happened above ground. Brady's concerned that he's stood Madison up at the altar. Mel gets panicky about Chad and Gabi. As they work, Brady hears voices. They finally break through. As they hug in celebration, Chad appears and sees them. Gabi watches expectantly.


Roman arrives at the fundraiser site and Abigail tells him what happened to Jack, who still isn't responding. Roman promises to get a rescue team there, but won't let them go downstairs. Abigail looks to Cameron for reassurance that her dad could have survived. He says there's always hope. Roman reappears and says the rescue team told him Jack died instantly. Jenn holds Abigail as she sobs. Jenn remembers Jack coming back and tells Abigail he loved her so much. Abigail flashes to her talk with Jack in the elevator. Cameron takes Abigail to triage. In the dining room, Daniel, Hope, and Bo are still puzzling over Nicole's whereabouts when they hear a cry. They find a woman, but it's not Nicole. Hope heads for the pub to check on Doug and Julie. Daniel tells Bo he will find Nicole.


Ian stumbles into the park after Madison has been taken away by paramedics. Kate follows him. He goes to Madison's suite, pours a stiff drink and fondles the pearls he bought her in Paris. He wonders aloud what he was thinking letting her go off with Brady Black. Kate appears and says it's because he's a sonofabitch. She pours a drink and proposes a toast to SOB's getting what they deserve. Kate throws her drink on him and he barks at her to get out of there. She reminds Ian how he watched her grieve for Stefano because she let a piece of trash like him into her life. She says he wasn't fit to lick Stefano's boots. Kate tells him now that she knows he was using her, she'll make sure this looks like one of the better days in his life! Ian calls her delusional and despicable for saying these things the night Madison died. She screams, "Not as despicable as what you did to me!" He says all men have used her, including Stefano. Kate smacks him and they continue screaming at each other about how she ended up with him while married to Stefano. Ian says Stefano was the scum of the earth and she should be grateful that he killed him!


Daniel and Bo finally come across Nicole in the park. She's disoriented and thirsty. Daniel says she's in shock and tries to keep her conscious until the ambulance comes.


Justin and Adrienne arrive at the fundraiser site and find Jenn. She asks, "Didn't you come with Jack?" Jenn tells her he's gone - she's so sorry. The trio embrace.

Sneak Peek!

Mel is reunited with her father.

Gabi fears that she will be exposed.

Kate vows to turn Ian over to the Salem PD. That doesn't scare him much.

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