It's Too Early!

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Nicole is trapped and in labor, Kate learns Ian's secret, and Sami stuns EJ.

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In the tunnels, Brady finds Melanie, who tells him they have to go back for Gabi. Meanwhile, Chad finds Gabi and grabs Andrew to demand answers. Andrew tells him to ask Gabi where Melanie is. The gas leak explodes.


Sami stands in front of EJ at the warehouse as Roman takes aim with his gun and Lucas looks on. The explosion occurs and Sami is left hanging from the high platform over a live wire with EJ screaming at her to hang on to his hand. Sami hyperventilates and screams as he urgently tells her to work with him or she's going to die. She's hanging by one hand and tells EJ to let go or they'll both die. "I care about you, you idiot!" EJ hollers that he knows and struggles not to let his grip slip.


At the fundraiser, Abigail heads for the elevator while Carmen goes back for her shawl, and Madison speaks with Ian, who tells her if Brady loved her, he would have called her. The explosion happens. Afterward, John dusts off a bloodied Marlena and pulls her to her feet from the debris. Nicole calls for help from under the rubble. Bo and Hope help get injured people out. Kate asks if anyone's seen Ian or Lucas. Outside, Bo and Hope find Roman who tries to tell them something before passing out. Back inside, Ian coaxes an unconscious Madison to wake up and not to leave him. Jack and Jennifer search for Abigail. They spot Cameron and learn that Abigail is trapped in the elevator. Jack and Cameron are about to go help from upstairs when the roof caves in more. Daniel locates Nicole and begins trying to dig her out as she puffs that she's going into labor. He coaches her to be strong as he works to get to her. She cries, "It's too early!"


In the tunnel, Chad tells Gabi that Andrew took off, and asks her why Andrew told him to ask her where Melanie is. She says it's probably because she found Melanie before, but they got separated. Chad asks what direction Melanie went in and heads off searching. Elsewhere, Brady pulls Melanie from the rubble. "Thank God you're alright." Her foot is stuck and she ends up with a gash on her leg so he ties a tourniquet around it. He breaks the news that they're trapped. He's afraid to move anything and cause a cave-in, but assures her that someone will find them. Melanie worries about Chad and Gabi. Brady tells her about rehab, and that he's getting married tonight. Melanie desperately wants to get out of there.


At the Brady Pub, Bo tells Kayla they think there was an underground gas leak that caused the explosion. Kayla tends to Roman on a stretcher and asks Will to stay and help her out. John carries in Lucas, who isn't conscious. John and Marlena express their love before separating again. Kate has joined Lucas, who wakes up and tells Marlena that Sami is in the warehouse. Will takes off running.


Bo returns to the fundraiser site and helps Daniel unearth Nicole. Nicole flashes back to losing her baby before. Daniel tries to calm her, but she stops answering. Nearby, Ian cradles Madison and begs her to wake up. He cries that she's the only woman he's ever loved. Kate appears behind him and overhears as he continues pledging his love and says he was using Kate to get the DiMera fortune. Madison whispers, "Brady I love you." She appears to die. Ian cries, "No!" Kate has tears in her eyes as Ian sobs. By the elevator, Cameron springs into action to douse a small fire, and Jenn comforts Jack who freaking out because it was like a bomb. Jack gathers his wits and helps Cameron pry the elevator doors open. Jack winds up inside with Abigail as the elevator cable begins to break.


Will arrives at the warehouse just as Sami's hand is slipping out of EJ's grasp. Will rushes up onto the platform and helps pull her to safety. She collapses onto EJ, and then hugs Will before falling into EJ's arms. EJ wants to go help with the rescue because he's the mayor, but Sami insists he has to get out of town. Will confirms they'll arrest EJ - he overheard them at the pub. Sami says his kids will know he's a hero, but he has to go. EJ hugs Will and thanks him. Sami tells EJ she's coming with him.

Sneak Peek!

Lucas passes out.

Sami disappears.

John, Marlena and Roman worry about their loved ones.

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