Friday, July 27th, 2012

Madison thinks Brady ditched her, Melanie gets away from Andrew, and Sami and EJ are trapped.

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Abe makes a speech at the fundraiser to raise money for Autism and to honor Lexi. Abe talks about Theo's great qualities, and then toasts to Lexi who was an inspiration. Theo tells the crowd he loves his mommy and wants to make her proud. Across the room, Ian and Kate discuss Brady and Madison. Kate has a grudging respect for her and thinks they deserve a happy ending. Jack and Jennifer marvel over Theo. Maggie wonders to Victor why she's there, and worries about attending Brady's wedding when Melanie's missing. Kate and Lucas discuss Austin and Carrie moving. Kate asks about Sami. Lucas notes that Ian's on his third glass of champagne. Kate asks if he's the AA police. Lucas is worried about her. Kate says she's fine, but confronts Ian about drinking. He claims it's nothing to do with Madison's wedding.


At home, John and Marlena search for the rings. John finds them and they laugh. They reflect on Brady getting married. John says he can be his best man when he walks Marlena back down the aisle. Madison appears. Marlena admires her beauty. Madison admits she hasn't been able to reach Brady. Madison tells a story about missing her sister. Marlena says she's getting her life back. John husks, "Welcome to the family, daughter." Madison says she'll never let Brady down.


In the tunnels, Brady and Chad try to pinpoint the location of the voices. Chad calls out, but Brady stops him - he'll get Mel killed! Brady says they need to surprise him. Chad reminds him of his wedding. Brady wants Melanie there. Elsewhere in the tunnels, the girls try to convince Andrew that they need to go. He wants to tell everything first. There's another explosion and debris rains down.

At the station, Bo and Hope reassure Daniel, who's with Nicole, that they'll call him if there's news on Melanie. They hope to see them at the fundraiser. Daniel is intensely worried.


Roman grills Will in the DiMera living room as EJ and Sami whisper in the bushes outside. Roman orders a search of the grounds and puts out an APB. Sami and EJ take off. Roman curses when the ankle bracelet is brought in. After, Will gets a call for help from Sami and EJ.


Sami and EJ bicker at the docks as he wants to see the kids before they leave town. Will appears with the little ones. EJ tells the kids they can't go on this adventure with him - they need to look after mommy. Will takes the kids away. Later, Roman appears with officers and Lucas, saying he knew Will would lead them to EJ. Sami and EJ hide in the shadows. Sami whispers in her phone for Will to get a cab. EJ stands up. Roman tells him not to move or he'll shoot. Sami stands in front of EJ and tells him to run.


Bo and Hope arrive at the fundraiser and greet Abe, Maggie, and Victor. Kayla appears and they discuss Melanie. Victor hopes Daniel doesn't show up with that floozy. Maggie says if Nicole can help Daniel through this difficult time then God love her. Outside the doors, Daniel decides he can't go in. They feel a tremor. Nicole hugs him. He tries to leave on the elevator alone, but Nicole says he needs her. He doesn't want her company. Inside, everyone wonders if they felt an earthquake. Bo and Hope ask Lucas for a word - about Sami. They discuss EJ skipping town. Lucas has no idea where Sami is. Kayla has Theo say goodbye and they leave for the pub. Abby and Jack share a moment. "I'll always be your little girl." Madison arrives and Ian overhears her asking about Brady. Ian snarks that maybe he won't attend his own wedding. John tells him to get lost. Marlena says no one has seen Brady. Madison tears up and walks off. Ian follows. Doug and Julie walk Abe out. Daniel makes his apologies about not staying for the wedding. He tries calling Chad again. Nicole gets pains. Abby and Cameron are leaving, but Cameron goes back for her shawl. In the corridor, Madison accuses Ian of sabotaging her wedding.


In the tunnel, Melanie tells Gabi they have to go - Andrew is trapped under wood. Meanwhile, Brady and Chad recover and split up to find Mel. Gabi and Melanie are making their way through when Gabi feigns an injured ankle. Mel keeps going to get help. Gabi tries to free Andrew. Melanie runs into Brady. He comforts her. She tells him they have to get Gabi. Chad finds Gabi trying to help Andrew. Chad hollers at him, though he's unconscious. He opens his eyes. Chad asks where Melanie is. Andrew says to ask Gabi. The tunnel explodes.


At the fundraiser, the explosion rocks the ballroom and chandeliers burst and fall. People are hurt everywhere. Abigail's in the elevator and the cable is breaking!


At the docks, the explosion causes Sami to fall over the edge of the high platform she and EJ are on. He hangs on and tries not to let her fall.

"Days of our Lives" will not air for the duration of the summer Olympics which are on from July 28 - August 12. There will be no new episodes until August 13, 2012.

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- Candace Young

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