The Ghost Of Stefano.

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Chad learns the truth, Gabi's questioned, and Sami surprises Will.

The Ghost Of Stefano. image

Andrew frets over an unconscious Melanie in the tunnel. She wakes up. He caresses her hair. He'd do anything for her. He cleans blood from her face and notices his cell phone. She removes his mask. "I think you're very handsome," she tells him. She thinks she has a concussion and asks him to bring her to a hospital. He plans on renting a car. Melanie hugs him and grabs his cell phone. She hides it.


At SPD, Hope says they're planning on questioning Gabi again but it's best if Chad's not there. Chad is shocked to see EJ in cuffs. EJ asks about Melanie but there's no word. The cop leaves and EJ admits he's charged with murdering Stefano. In the outer room, Bo and Hope want an explanation as to why Gabi's prints were on the note found at Andrew's. Meanwhile, Chad refuses to believe EJ could have done this. EJ confesses he's not Stefano's biological son. In the outer room, Gabi looks more guilty to Hope and Bo when she can't explain how her prints came to be on the note. Meanwhile, EJ explains he has known about this since before Lexi died. Chad doesn't care. "You're still my brother so anything you need, okay? Just let me know." EJ starts to laugh. He sounds like Stefano. Hope brings Chad into the other room and suggests hypnosis for Gabi.


Will has done search upon search at EJ's place, all night, looking for the deleted footage. Sonny gazes lovingly at Will and hopes he doesn't see the ghost of Stefano on his way to the kitchen to get coffee from Mary. Sami waltzes in and rails about him keeping the truth from her. Will scoffs, reminding her of her own lies. He apologizes and tells Sami the note isn't a DNA test. She lectures him and Will admits he can relate to EJ. Will chooses to be by EJ's side and believes in his innocence. Will knows EJ just wanted to make Stefano proud. He never would have shot Stefano. Sami learns the footage was deleted and reaches into her bra and removes a flash drive - she saved footage. They argue about what to do with it. She runs off and Sonny returns. Will says he wants to be the one to clear EJ. Sonny doesn't get why.


Kate hugs Austin at the pub, sad that he and Carrie are leaving for Switzerland today. He admits that he could lose Carrie forever if he doesn't go. He assures Kate he'll be fine and they hug and say a loving goodbye.


Carrie finds Rafe in the woods. She says knowing him has changed her forever. Because of him she feels she knows what real love and friendship is supposed to be. They hug goodbye. Carrie thinks Sami's still in love with him. Rafe scoffs. It doesn't matter. He has moved on. Carrie knows Sami gets under people's skin. Carrie's sure she's still under his. "Like hell she is," Rafe says. Carrie asks him to think about it and gives him a fast kiss before leaving.


Bo lets Sami in to see EJ at SPD. She wonders how he manipulated Will's impression of him. EJ didn't want him to find the letter. Sami believes that. EJ rants about how Salemites are speculating about how he feels about 'being nothing'. Sami tells him how Will relates to EJ. EJ says he found Alice's note. Sami points out that he didn't lure it over his head and asks EJ not to play on her son's sympathies. She tells him she's sure Stefano loved him. "And you're not nothing." She says someone deleted the footage of the man digging into the bin. EJ goes nuts and starts smashing things. Sami cleans up and shows EJ her flash drive. He grabs her, and yells, "Something finally is going my way!" He kisses her and tells her to give the drive to his lawyer. The cop returns to fit him with cuffs.


As Gabi and Chad walk through the square, Chad receives a call from Melanie. Nearby, Rafe considers Carrie's words and flashes to kissing Sami. "Gets under my skin. Yeah right," he mumbles. In another area of the square, someone grabs Sami and chloroforms her!


Carrie arrives at the pub just as Austin's paying the bill. She hears Switzerland's beautiful this time of year. They hug and rush off to catch their plane.

Sneak peek!

Chad can't make out Melanie's words on the call.

There's an explosion in the tunnels.

Sami returns home after her mugging.

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