Let The Salvation Begin.

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Ian gets in John's face, Lucas takes the letter to Rafe, and sexual tension runs high between Sami and EJ.

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Carrie greets Rafe at the station and tells him she and Austin are moving to Switzerland. Rafe's stunned. Carrie says she and Austin need a fresh start without distractions. Rafe says he'll miss her. Carrie says she'll miss him too. They're both choked up. Roman enters. Carrie tells him her news. Roman questions her leaving her family. Carrie wants him to be happy for her. Rafe riffles through papers as she says for a lot of reasons, they'll be leaving tomorrow. Roman goes and Carrie tells Rafe she's sorry. He tells her he wants what's best for her. They embrace. Roman finds her crying after, and asks if her move is about getting distance from Rafe. She assures him moving is what she wants. They hug.


At home, Lucas gives John 'the key to the entire DiMera empire' as Marlena looks on. John sees it's a letter from Alice Horton to Stefano saying EJ is not his son. Lucas says Will had it. They speculate about whether EJ knew about the letter or not. Lucas says he had to - it's what pushed him over the edge; Stefano was going to disinherit him. Marlena worries that Will withheld the letter because it could implicate him as well.


EJ shakes his head in the DiMera parlor as Will rushes out the door. Sami enters and tells EJ she's come to save his life. He muses, "Let the salvation begin." Sami tells him she found out Salem has safety cameras everywhere - he can prove he threw the gloves away and was set-up. EJ hugs and kisses her. Awkwardness ensues. EJ calls someone to get the footage from the security cameras. She tells him she hopes this will be the evidence that causes reasonable doubt in his case. EJ moves in close. She tells him she's with Lucas. He murmurs, "Yet you're here." Rattled, Sami tries to leave but EJ gets in her way. He's amused by how agitated she is around him, and goes in for a kiss, but Sami pulls back - she won't screw things up with Lucas! EJ says they have a connection that can't be denied. Sami says they are not good together - people get hurt; they run over anyone in their way. EJ says no one's in their way now. As she's finally about to kiss him, he pulls back. "Don't deny it, Samantha. There's something between us, whether you like it or not."


In the office, Ian tells Kate he was looking after her interests by keeping tabs on the DiMera front. She asks what's in it for him. He insists he did it for her. She's skeptical. Ian says being with Stefano affected her ability to trust. Kate thinks he wants to help her get a piece of the DiMera pie and then share the windfall. She tells him to get it, and they'll talk.


Will storms past Sonny into the pub searching for a small, white envelope. He tells Sonny if he doesn't find it he's dead - and so is EJ. He says the letter could cause EJ to go to jail - he'll kill him! They search the trash. Will recalls Lucas being there earlier and worries he'd go to the police.


In the square, Marlena tells Lucas and John they should speak to Will about the letter before doing anything with it. Ian and Kate appear. John confronts Ian about what he did to Brady. Ian says he should have focused on his son instead of DiMera Enterprises. John says what he does is none of his business. Ian says DiMera Enterprises is his business because of Kate. Lucas snipes at him. Ian says he'll rectify what was taken from Kate. John mentions Brady and Madison and warns Ian not to mess with his family. Marlena calls him a misogynist bully. Ian wishes John luck with his family - he's going to need it. Kate tells Lucas to call her. After, John tells Lucas on with the letter - he and Marlena need to look into this Ian stuff.


Lucas arrives at the station and asks to see Rafe. When he appears, Lucas gives him the letter. Will enters as Rafe finishes reading it.


At the outdoor cafe, Kate takes Ian to task for goading John. He says he knows John is a former paramour of hers, and reminds her he'll get Countess Wilhelmina back. Ian talks about getting insider knowledge and toasts to getting what they deserve.


At home, Marlena assures an angry John that Brady will beat his addictions again. They both wish they'd been there for him. Marlena says Will is keeping secrets from her too. Marlena says Ian reminded her of Stefano today - she urges John to be careful.

Sneak Peek!

EJ and Sami bond as they find something on video footage that could clear EJ.

EJ is placed under arrest.

Rafe learns EJ's not Stefano's son.

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