Tight Little Box.

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Carrie has a meltdown, Daniel panics over Melanie's disappearance, and Melanie appeals to her kidnapper.

Tight Little Box. image

At home, Carrie tells Austin she was just thinking about holding their baby in her arms. They marvel over the pregnancy and tease each other if it's a he or a she. They kiss. They talk about the qualities they want their child to have. Austin mentions Carrie's honesty. Carrie maintains she's no saint. She bangs into the dresser drawer, which prompts Austin to insist they move into a house ASAP. Carrie agrees to let him scout some out. He raves about how happy they'll be. He searches online and they joke some more. Austin says he's going to make copies of the ultrasound photo. Carrie loves that he's so happy.


Outside Andrew's place, Nicole tells a frantic Daniel to let Bo and Hope do their jobs. Rafe arrives and enters. Hope is soothing Gabi while Chad asks her about Melanie. Gabi acts out of it. Bo thinks Gabi was taken by the same person who kidnapped Melanie. Outside, Daniel paces. He has to know... Inside, Gabi tells Rafe, Bo, and Hope she was going door-to-door searching for Melanie and was grabbed from behind. Rafe muses that the guy must have took off with Melanie. Daniel appears. Chad and Bo show him Mel's name on the wall - they know she was there. Rafe says they're trying to get leads. Bo sends everyone outside. Daniel and Nicole decide to call the TV station. Chad insists he'll look after Gabi. Hope finds a note. Chad rants that it's like the guy is bragging he has Melanie. They try to decipher a smudged phone number. Chad wonders if the culprit is Gabi's stalker. Bo says they're missing something that's staring them in the face. Gabi looks wary. Bo wants to test the note for prints. Gabi thinks back to finding the note and seems torn about whether to speak up.


Melanie lies on a dirt floor in a tunnel full of cobwebs, unconscious. She awakens and calls out, "Hello?" Mel realizes she's handcuffed to a pole. Andrew appears wearing a balaclava. He tells her not to ask questions and not to cry, muttering that this wasn't part of the plan. Melanie speculates that he brought her there to figure things out, and suggests that he could let her go and disappear. He dismisses the idea. She tries to tell him she smells a gas leak, but he isn't buying it. He says they aren't leaving until he decides where they're going. Mel says she won't go with him. He shouts that she will - one way or the other!


In the square, Nicole tells Daniel and Rafe that Melanie's plight will be on the news within the hour. She reminds Daniel that Mel's a survivor. Daniel steps away and Nicole tells Rafe the baby's kicking. He's feeling for himself when Carrie appears. She slips away unnoticed. Rafe commends Nicole on being there for Daniel - she's not the person he thought she was. Daniel watches them smile and interact. He rejoins Nicole and vows to find his daughter. Rafe takes Daniel aside to ask him more questions about Mel's disappearance.


Carrie arrives at Marlena's place in tears. She tells her stepmother everything is going perfectly, but she feels guilty all the time - it can't be good for the baby. Marlena soothes that the baby is fine. Carrie replies, "But I'm not." She tells Marlena about seeing Rafe feeling Nicole's baby kick, and says she wants to be with Rafe - it's not fair to Austin and the baby. Marlena asks what's fair for her. Carrie says it's easy to make it work with Austin until she sees Rafe. She feels the baby is God's way of saying it's not her choice to make. Marlena says she's built herself into a tight little box. Carrie doesn't necessarily agree that she put herself in a box. Marlena says she can't entertain any option where she doesn't come out looking like a good person - that's how it happened. Marlena goes over the situation and talks about how it was when she decided to leave Roman for John. Marlena urges her to stop harshly judging herself - she's human.

Austin arrives home to find Carrie packing. She says they are leaving Salem and returning to Switzerland.

Sneak Peek!

Will accidentally drops the envelope containing news that EJ is not Stefano's son. Lucas pockets it.

John figures he's got his ticket to the DiMera empire inside Alice's envelope.

Abe plans a tribute for Lexi, a fundraiser for Autism research.

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