Crazy Fun.

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Nicole plays Daniel, EJ's polygraph doesn't turn out as he expects, and Kate almost takes drugs.

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At the pub, Daniel asks if Nicole wants to have 'some crazy fun'. She thinks it's a little early for sex but he wants to play a game of arcade basketball. She claims Brandon broke her nose the last time they played but agrees to give it a go. They banter and he wins a game. Nicole wants to up the ante. If she wins, she gets whatever she wants. If he wins, she'll buy him a new surfboard. He reluctantly goes for it and Nicole beats him. Daniel realizes she hustled him. They head out to get Nic's prize.


Ian watches as Kate receives a package at Titan that upsets her. She sighs and locks it into her desk, prompting Ian to ask what she's hiding. She claims she received a personal package and apologizes. He can dock it from her salary. She asks if he'll help her find Madison and takes off for a meeting. Ian fiddles with the lock on her desk. A call comes in. He asks his minion to 'bring the materials' to him. "They can't be traced to me," he says. He looks at photos he has taken of Brady's drug transaction on his cell phone. Later, his minion shows up and hands over the drugs. Ian promises to transfer payment into his account in the morning. Ian tries once more to open Kate's desk. The minion leaves and Kate arrives. She sees the drugs and he tells her it's a protein supplement. She says that's the one Brady uses. She grabs it, wanting to see what the fuss is about. She stirs it into water and Ian panics as she puts the glass to her lips. He grabs her and gives her a kiss and purposefully spills the drink. They laugh it off and Kate has another meeting. She takes the package from her desk with her and Ian sulks.


At the mansion, Brady tells Madison that he has no evidence that Ian's behind this but it's the only explanation there is. He reminds her she has lied to him in the past. "A lie is a lie... isn't a lie a lie Madison?" He asks her to stand by him. Though he bought the drugs, he didn't use them. She gives him strength not to use. Madison needs time to think. He tells her how he became an addict. He had a void in him his whole life, possibly due to losing his mother. He tried filling it with women and work and then drugs. They made him feel free. The emptiness he felt has been gone since he fell for her. "I choose you. I choose us every time. That's what I love," he says. She hugs him.


Austin walks in on Rafe and Carrie at the square talking about her inability to stay committed to Austin. They cover. Austin suggests she head home to relax.


Spencer takes Will from Roman's office at SPD and Roman explains the polygraph. Roman tries intimidating EJ but he maintains his innocence and reminds him he signs Roman's checks. EJ vetoes Roman's request that Will leave the room. Roman quietly warns Will that EJ's dangerous. They agree to have a heart-to-heart soon. "I love you, you know that," Roman tells his grandson. The test begins. EJ pauses when asked if he's the son of Stefano DiMera. "What sort of question is that?" EJ demands. He starts yelling that he'll leave if they don't get to the point. Rafe arrives and EJ flies off the handle again, accusing them of not being professional. The anger causes the polygraph administrator to tell Roman they may need to restart the process. Roman accuses EJ of throwing the results purposefully. EJ acts offended. They start the test again and EJ denies murdering Stefano. The results will be ready within minutes, the administrator informs. He leaves and Roman returns moments later, saying EJ failed the polygraph. He lied when he claimed he didn't kill Stefano.


Austin tucks Carrie into bed and feeds her. She reminds him she is just pregnant, not sick. He protests that he wants to take care of her. He knows she wants to go house hunting, so shows her a virtual tour DVD. They can house-hunt from bed. Austin thinks they've found the house of their dreams but Carrie has issues concentrating when she sees Rafe's face.


Nicole has dragged Daniel to the square where he's to give her a public massage. He starts massaging and she tells him to race her back to her hotel room. She gives him a shove and runs!


The polygraph administrator turns up outside the pub. He's handed an envelope full of money from a mysterious person wearing black gloves. He whistles and puts it in his pocket.

Sneak peek!

Rafe starts to wonder if EJ may not be guilty after all.

Spencer has to remind Roman to use evidence against EJ, not his gut instincts.

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