The Ins And Outs Of The DiMera Way.

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Maggie and Madison discuss addiction, Brady comes back from the edge, and Will tries to convince EJ to take the lie detector test.

The Ins And Outs Of The DiMera Way. image

In their hotel room Carrie is in bed with Austin. As he sleeps she fantasizes about making love to Rafe. She tries to sneak out but wakes Austin. She makes excuses not to come back to bed.


Madison paces in her hotel room and tries frantically to reach Brady. She leaves him a message apologizing and begging him to call her back.


In a motel room Brady eyes his drugs. He's fighting his craving. He shakes his head and throws them on the floor. He scrambles to scrape the coke back up. He has a taste off his thumb and catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror.


Nicole and Daniel wake up in her bed together. She says they don’t need to play games. Rafe knocks on the door. She quickly fixes herself up and answers it. He brought her vitamins - she thanks him but can't invite him in. He wonders if she's okay. Daniel listens as Nicole keeps Rafe at the door and says she's not feeling social. She'll call him later. After Rafe leaves, Daniel gets dressed to go. He tells her he’s not a back-up plan. He says he thought they had honesty but Nicole hasn't been honest with herself.


At the mansion Will watches over EJ's shoulder as he works. He wants to know the ins and outs of the DiMera way. EJ suggests that he's good at blackmail so he's mastered the fundamentals. Will mentions that he's backed EJ into a corner and EJ advises him that's when prey is the most dangerous. Will wants to help him during this tricky time. He brings up the lie detector test - he thinks EJ should take it. As long as he refuses he's still a suspect and it hurts the DiMera enterprises. EJ suggests the police will use the test to pin something on him. Will mentions that Rafe is motivated to bring him down. Does he think the governor will let Rafe focus the investigation on him if he passes the test? EJ tells Will that maybe he has a point. EJ makes it clear whatever he decides to do it's his decision. EJ asks Will if he loves his mother. Will wonders what she has to do with anything. EJ says everything then threatens he’ll retaliate if Will uses any of his information - and it will be deadly.


Madison shows up at the Kiriakis residence. She's worried. Maggie mentions that Brady called but didn't leave a message. Madison admits she was calling him all night. Madi is sorry for dumping this on her but Maggie assures her it's okay - she needs to talk to someone. Madi says she doesn't know what Brady is going through. She wonders if she undermined his sobriety by not trusting him. Maggie reminds her he comes with baggage and suggests it's not good if she can't be honest because he can't handle it. Maggie admits she and Brady have to be tough everyday. Maggie asks Madi if she loves Brady enough to be there no matter what happens. Brady shows up and says that's a good question. Madison is happy to see him. Maggie admits they were worried to death about him. He sits down alone with Madi. He wants to know the answer to Maggie's question but she demands to know where he was. He confesses he went to a place he never wanted to go again but came back for her. She's irate - he put her through hell. He recounts the previous night and admits he bought coke. She blasts him for saying the only way coke was in his system was because of Ian.


At the SPD Rafe and Spencer are working on the murder case. Rafe wants the lie detector test. Spencer leaves and Carrie comes in. She flashes to her fantasy of Rafe. She's there as Hamilton's lawyer, she didn't know Rafe was the lead detective. They handle business and Rafe mentions that they were supposed to stay clear of each other. He asks her for coffee to talk about it.


Nicole spies Daniel at the pub. She brings him coffee and he invites her to sit down. She jokes around and they share a laugh.


Rafe and Carrie sit at the cafe in the square. Rafe suggests they need to figure out a way to be around each other without it being difficult. Carrie wonders that if it’s so difficult to be apart then maybe? Rafe wonders maybe... what? Austin watches from the sidelines. Rafe knows he has to keep his distance. She doesn’t know if she can do this. Austin wanders over and asks, "Do what Carrie?"


EJ shows up at the SPD and announces he’s there to take the lie detector test. Will smiles in the background.

Sneak peek!

Brady attempts to convince Madison that Ian set him up.

A mysterious figure pays off the polygraph administrator.

Kate almost drinks a spiked protein shake.

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