You Set Me Up!

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Family prepares for Lexi's memorial, EJ and Nicole share a moment, and Brady accuses Ian of drugging him.

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At home, Abe puts on a tie for Lexi's memorial. John and Marlena arrive. Abe's not sure he is ready to say goodbye. He tells them this is a tie Lexi picked out for him that he thought was too busy. "Hope she knows I'm wearing it." He doesn't think he made the most of their time together. He doesn't remember his life before Lexi. "I don't remember who I am without her," he cries. Marlena and John go into the garden to pick roses. John remembers the last time he thought he lost Marlena. He goes off to find a rose for her and when she can't find him, she panics. He returns and she starts to cry, thinking she lost him. She can't believe she lost Lexi. Inside, Abe answers the door to Kayla, who has a DVD from Lexi. John and Marlena come in and they watch together. Lexi's in the garden. She knows today will be hard on him and asks him not to dwell but remember what they've shared. Their wedding day was the happiest of her life. Everyone tears up as Lexi speaks about loving every one of their 23 years together and how Theo will grow up to be just like his daddy. She jokes that he shouldn't walk out the door today without someone checking his tie. Everyone laughs and Lexi says goodbye.


Brady barges into Ian's office telling him he'll kill him. "You set me up! You've been slipping me drugs, McAllister." Ian denies it, accuses Brady of being high and thinks he's paranoid. Brady admits he is high and wonders how Ian set him up and why? Ian plays with Brady. "I have been sneaking into your room for weeks and sticking you with needles like a pin cushion. Good thing you and Madison aren't light sleepers or I'd never have gotten away with my diabolical plan," he says sarcastically. He offers to book Brady into an addiction facility. Brady laughs. Ian just wants to get rid of him but he's going nowhere. Ian starts belittling Brady and his relationship with Madi and attempts to call her. Brady throws the phone. Madi loves him and he's keeping her! Brady lets out some steam and kicks Ian's furniture over. He'll prove what Ian did. Ian wishes him luck and takes off.


Roman tells Rafe and Spencer at SPD that he's calling in a favor with a judge to get them a search warrant for EJ's place. Rafe is thrilled, thinking it could be their break to prove EJ killed Stefano. They go over their case and Spencer tells Rafe that just because he has a history with EJ, it doesn't mean he's their man. Spencer has done research on Marlena and thinks there's a pattern of she and Stefano going after each other for years. Perhaps Stefano's death is history repeating itself.


EJ finds Nicole in the kitchen. She asks what kind of Brit he is. She couldn't even find tea! EJ thinks she's hiding something. She squirms as she hides the bullet box behind her back. EJ gets silverware for the cake as she hides the box in her bag. They devour the cake and discuss how EJ's keeping the apartment. He likes being across the hall from the kids. Nicole pokes fun at him and they reminisce about her last pregnancy. Nicole suddenly feels the baby kick for the first time. She allows EJ to feel it and they share a moment. Nicole wonders what would have been if their daughter had survived. EJ remembers her lying to him about the miscarriage and the mood changes. He knows she's lying about this baby being Rafe's. Nicole gets upset and wants to leave. EJ apologizes. He has forgiven her for the past but feels they're in the same place again. He wants to have that family with her. He hugs and kisses her but she denies it's his kid again.


EJ arrives at Abe's. Is Abe ready for the service? Abe asks EJ to be a pallbearer. EJ'd be honored. "She loved you, EJ," Abe says. Despite his many faults, EJ knows Lexi saw the best of him. EJ calls them family and they'll look out for each other. Abe agrees. Nearby, Kayla mumbles about not trusting EJ. Everyone leaves for the memorial while Abe stops to get his keys and wonders how he'll go on. He tells Lexi's photo he'll try and will make her proud.


Nicole wanders into SPD just as Roman learns they can't get a warrant. Nicole tells them they don't need one. They've got her! Rafe goes off on her for breaking in and stealing evidence at EJ's place. Roman tells her they can't use her findings in court but she shows them the bullets anyway. They match the murder weapon. Roman says this doesn't prove anything. The bullet that killed Stefano came from Abe's gun.

Sneak peek!

Everyone has a story to tell about Lexi at the service.

Johnny insists his parents share a dance.

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