Your Nose Has Grown.

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

EJ catches Nicole snooping, Melanie tries to escape, and Brady confronts Ian.

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Melanie grows frustrated in Andrew's basement, trying to find out what it is he wants from her. She reluctantly eats the food he offers, worrying it's drugged and then begs him to let her go. Instead, he ties her to the bed and gags her.


Gabi spots Chad at the pub, looking grim. She discourages him from calling Carly to find Melanie, telling him he'll look 'crazy'. Besides, Mel should be the one to apologize considering she ran out on him over an argument. Chad disagrees and laments that everyone he has ever loved is gone. Now Mel won't speak to him. Gabi lies about going to see her friend Beth and takes off.


Rafe calls Carrie to his office under the guise of discussing the case. She thinks he asked her there for another reason but winds up giving him advice on how to get a search warrant for EJ's place. Both can't hide their attraction for each other and discuss what would happen if she didn't get pregnant. Carrie cries that they'd be together. Rafe doesn't think they should be discussing this. They move in close.


At the office, Ian notes that today's not an easy day for Kate. She remembers Lexi as a lovely woman who was kind to her and refuses when he asks to accompany her to the memorial. He hopes Brady doesn't turn up high as a kite. Kate's puzzled. Why does he care? Ian points out that Brady's shenanigans are costing him money. Ian suggests Brady's back on drugs but Kate doesn't think that makes sense considering his life is coming together. It suddenly dawns on her that Ian's setting Brady up. Ian calls that absurd. Kate accuses him of trying to keep him away from Madi but Ian snorts that Madison's welcomed to "marry that junkie." Kate heads to the memorial.


Brady returns to Madi's hotel room from a run, energetic. He sucks back a protein shake and starts doing push-ups. She's puzzled by his behavior and when he asks her to do something fun she reminds him it's Lexi Carver's memorial service today. He apologizes. She asks for the drug test results and both are shocked when they learn he tested positive. Madison yells at him for lying to her and they start arguing. She demands to know if he's high now. He pauses and admits he thinks he is but he didn't do this. Somebody slipped him drugs. He goes pale and swears before running out.


Nicole goes to EJ's place to apologize for the way she treated him earlier. EJ takes one look at her and tells her, "Your nose has grown about two inches since I opened that door for you." She wants to call a truce and lays it on thick, knowing today's hard on him. He still doesn't believe her so she feigns fainting and he rushes to her side. She hasn't eaten so he offers to get her food and when he's gone, she starts rummaging through his things. She finally finds a box of bullets.


EJ arrives at the pub and finds a very upset Chad, who punishes himself for taking Lexi and Stefano for granted. EJ advises him to spend the day remembering the time he did have with them. That's what they'd have wanted. Chad hasn't had much time with them. "My family's gone." EJ reminds him they're brothers, though they don't get on well. Chad promises to be a better brother from this point on, so EJ hugs him. EJ invites him into the DiMera business but Chad isn't interested. EJ runs back to Nicole.

Gabi arrives at Andrew's place as Melanie tries to break free. Gabi asks him to start stalking her again. She needs Chad to fall in love with her before Melanie returns. Gabi runs off and Andrew goes back to Melanie and unties her binds. She gives him a boot to the head and he goes down. Melanie races to open the door.

Gabi heads back to the pub and Chad thanks her for being there for him. They go change for the memorial.


Brady arrives at Titan and finds Ian. "I'm going to kill you." Ian says, "Excuse me?" Brady claims he knows what Ian did.

EJ returns and catches Nicole in the kitchen with the box of bullets hidden behind her back.

Sneak peek!

EJ and Nicole bond when the baby kicks.

Roman informs Rafe and Spencer that he's trying to call in a favor to get a search warrant for EJ's place.

Spencer wonders if Rafe's being biased over the case.

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