Digging Her Claws Into Him.

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Sonny warns Will, Sami confronts EJ, and Nicole gets nervous.

Digging Her Claws Into Him. image

In the square, Sami asks Will if EJ is forcing him to work for him again. Lucas asks Sonny to excuse them, and tells Will any association with the DiMeras is bad news. Will shrugs that he's working for the Mayor's office. Sami says they weren't born yesterday. Lucas tells him to get out, but Will says he can't. Sami hisses that EJ will use the shooting against him forever. Will says he'll handle EJ. They want to help him. Will tells them not to worry about him and goes. Lucas warns Sami not to confront EJ herself. Nearby, Will meets up with Sonny, who tells Will his parents may be right about EJ. Will says he's doing it to level the playing field against EJ - then he'll be free. Sonny warns him to be careful. They agree to see a movie later. Lucas reappears and Will rushes off. Sonny and Lucas discuss Will coming out. Sonny tells him to keep being supportive. Lucas says he's grateful that Sonny's in Will's life. Sonny says he'd do anything for Will. Lucas asks if he has feelings for him. Sonny admits it, but says Will isn't ready. Lucas says he approves, but promises not to say anything to Will.


Rafe tells Nicole she has some explaining to do in the pub. He wants to know who switched the DNA results. She says the less he knows, the better. Rafe warns that EJ will come after all of them if he finds out. She says as of now, EJ has no claim on her baby. EJ appears and says he's sensing stress between the parents-to-be. Nicole says Rafe was concerned about the stress EJ's been causing her, and steps out. EJ asks Rafe if he's found any evidence in his father's murder. Rafe says he can't discuss that with a suspect. Agent Spencer appears and spars with EJ. When EJ goes outside, Nicole tells him she's sorry about Lexi's death. He thanks her, but then tells her he's just lost two members of his family - he has no intention of losing this child too - he doesn't care what the DNA test said. Nicole acts nervous when he gets a call from the hospital. EJ says it was about making a contribution as a memorial to Lexi. Inside, Rafe tells Spencer that EJ's motive for killing his father is that Stefano disinherited him. Rafe remembers that EJ has an apartment and says they need to search it. Spencer goes to call for a warrant. Rafe rejoins Nicole, who says EJ is more determined than ever to prove the baby is his. Rafe says EJ may be behind bars by the time the baby's born. Spencer returns, and Nicole offers to search the apartment for them. Spencer says they need to go by the book. Rafe follows Spencer outside and learns they've been denied a warrant. Rafe is determined to get one.


EJ enters his apartment. Sami knocks and confronts him about blackmailing Will. He insists he's doing Will a favor. Sami said she believed that when he bailed Will out, but now he's trapped him into working for him again. EJ argues that Will likes working for him and reminds her that his father and sister just died, so why doesn't she stop digging her claws into him! Sami backs off, saying she can only imagine how he's feeling. EJ gets Sami riled up by suggesting he could let Will run Countess Wilhelmina and she could report to him. Sami tells EJ she hates him, dares him to underestimate her, and leaves. Will arrives and EJ says Sami read him the riot act over his employment. Will says his parents overheard him talking. EJ warns, "Loose lips sink ships." Will assures him he likes working for him, and then takes EJ off guard by asking what he ever saw in his mother. EJ stammers that everyone makes mistakes. Will smirks. After Will's gone, EJ looks at a photo of Sami and the kids. Nicole arrives.


Lucas spots Sami back in the square. She admits she went to tell EJ to leave Will the hell alone. Lucas tells her no good can come of her going near EJ and orders her to stay away.

Sneak peek!

Nicole manipulates EJ into allowing her into his apartment so she can search it.

Rafe and Carrie discuss how much they miss each other.

Chad's upset that he still has yet to hear from Melanie.

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