The Doctor Is In.

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Hope and Bo remember Lexi, EJ intimidates Stefano's lawyer, and Sami and Lucas worry about Will.

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Bo joins Hope in the pub. She's thinking about Lexi and what Abe must be going through. She watches Ciara coloring and says they're very blessed. Bo says they have to make the most of every second. Hope is concerned about Ciara missing Lexi. She tells Bo that when they weren't together, Lexi was the one who got her through. Bo says they need to honor her by not taking for granted what they have. Hope gets up to walk to the kitchen and Ciara panics - she's afraid she won't come back like Theo's mommy. They reassure her until she feels better. Bo reads his speech about Lexi to Hope and starts crying. Ciara shows them the card she made for Theo. Bo and Hope remember the son they lost - he'd be 12. They agree he and Lexi are watching over them.


Lucas wakes up Sami with a rose and breakfast at home. He tells her how great she's been and casually says he loves her. She's wondering if he's just being nice or has horrible news. He smiles that there's nobody like her. Sami says she doesn't deserve him. She tries to talk him out of being with her, but he muses that something keeps drawing him back to her. They kiss. They laugh about whether they can move forward without drama. Sami spots an article about Will starring in a gay drama in the newspaper. Lucas leaves Will a voicemail. Sami rants about the paper exploiting his private life. Lucas asks if she's uncomfortable with people knowing he's gay. Sami admits it. Lucas assures her that Will can handle himself. Sami's glad they're going through this together. Lucas wonders why Will hasn't been upfront with them, and what sick game EJ is playing. Sami decides to go see him. Lucas forbids it.


At the DiMera mansion, EJ hollers at Will when he picks up some papers off the floor and tells him to get going. Will seems suspicious and leaves. Stefano's lawyer enters and says he's sorry about Dr. Carver. The lawyer asks if he called him because of Stefano's estate. EJ shows him the will. The lawyer says it's not the most recent version - Stefano revised it upon learning EJ was not his biological son. EJ says no one must know, and tells the lawyer that Stefano lied to them both - he is his biological son. The lawyer insists Stefano wasn't lying - EJ's not his son. He admits the new will wasn't notarized due to Stefano's untimely death and agrees to go by the former will. EJ makes some threats to ensure the lawyer's loyalty.


Daniel enters his office to find Nicole in his chair. She purrs, "Finally. The doctor is in." They spar for a few moments before Nicole gets up and moves in for a kiss. Daniel's shirt comes off, he clears the desk, and puts her on top of it.


Will sees a story saying he's starring in a gay drama in the newspaper in the square. Sonny says at least he can prove he didn't kill Stefano. Will mutters about going back in the closet and takes off. Sonny catches up and they discuss why it seems to be such a big deal that Will's gay. Sonny says he needs to get rid of that closet altogether. He urges Will to let people get used to the idea. They discuss EJ paying his bail. Sonny wonders why Will would accept it and go back to work for him. Will tells him he doesn't want to know what EJ would do if he said no. Sonny suggests he tell the cops if EJ is threatening him. Will says he can't, and tells Sonny that he'll get something on EJ - he's hiding something. Sami and Will appear, having overheard a bit of the conversation. Sami demands to know what EJ's done now.

Sneak peek!

Will confronts EJ about motives for wanting his father dead. EJ wants Will to continue working for him.

EJ realizes he has evidence the police don't yet know about.

Justin proposes that Carrie help Will's defense but Sami's against it.

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