Stay In The Right Bed!

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Daniel and Nicole get steamed up, EJ has a fit, and Will finds Alice's note.

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Nicole arrives at Daniel's office with a gift. He's upset about Lexi's death. Nicole calls Lexi the only redeeming member of the DiMera family. It'll change once the baby's born, Daniel points out. That's why Nic's there. She thanks him for allowing her to switch the DNA samples and for keeping this from EJ. Daniel snarks that she can drop the act now. He accuses her of manipulating him. She admits she did lay it on a little thick and feels liberated. She's offended when he asks if the kiss was included in the manipulation. She didn't use sex...he interrupts. He didn't say anything about sex! Nic says, "If you knew what qualified as my idea of sex, your head would explode." A smile plays on his lips. She reminds him of his own past with his patients. They go back and forth and she thinks it's funny that a man with his history is getting worked up over a little kiss. "A kiss can tell you a lot about a person," he points out. Nicole asks, "In a showdown between the tramp and a man whore, who do you think is going to come out on top?" They both admit they felt connected after the kiss. They acknowledge neither are saints. Things get heated and Nic asks if they broke any doctor/patient rules. Technically, she's not his patient anymore so Daniel moves in closer and calls her a co-conspirator. They move in for a kiss and Daniel's beeper rings. They flirt and he takes off. Both are affected by what almost happened.


Carrie and Austin meet Kate at the pub. She's thrilled about the pregnancy. Austin thinks Kate's going to have to take time to get used to being a grandmother. Kate's been waiting for years. They discuss Stefano and Lexi's deaths and Austin's concerns about fatherhood. When Rafe walks in, Kate notices the clandestine look he and Carrie give each other. Austin takes off and the ladies go off together to shop.


Agent Spencer visits Rafe and Roman at SPD. He's taking over the case, and learns their prime suspect is EJ DiMera. They talk about Will's alibi. Roman's upset that the media is exploiting his family. Spencer wonders why Stefano cut off EJ from the family fortune. They discuss EJ's motivation being Stefano's betrayal.


EJ mopes and cries on the floor of the great room of the mansion while looking at a photo of Lexi. He pulls out the document Alice sent Stefano, stating EJ's not his son and when Will arrives, he hides it. He's in a mood and barks at Will for being late. Will didn't know if he should come in, considering Lexi died today. Will reads the paper. His alibi is front news. EJ tells him to learn not to showcase his vulnerabilities and says his weakness is what's left of his family. EJ tells Will how important it is to stay one step ahead. They read online the speculation that EJ's taking over Stefano's position. EJ asks Will to save the articles and Will wonders if Chad will work for the family business now. EJ doubts that. EJ reminds him that loyalty is the most important thing to him. EJ thinks Will's insinuating that EJ's taking over Chad's rightful position. "What do you see when you look at me?" EJ asks. "Some heartless bastard?" Will denies that but EJ says it's true. It's who he has to be. The police arrive and Will watches EJ putting Alice's note in his jacket which is thrown over a chair. Will lets the police in and EJ calls the SPD impotent. He's glad for Agent Spencer's involvement. Roman snarks off and Rafe drops his file. Out pops photos of dead Stefano and EJ goes pale. Rafe plays with EJ, asking if it's the gore that has upset him. "You never saw your father afterward did you?" EJ goes ballistic and Roman brings up Stefano cutting EJ out of his will. EJ reminds them Stefano did this daily with him and others. They call it motivation so EJ kicks them out. EJ rails about the visit and grabs his jacket and leaves the room. Alice's paper falls out and Will debates with himself before bending to pick it up.


Kate and Carrie finish shopping and wind up at the square. Kate hands over a present. It's a silver dagger. Kate considers it a warning of what stands to happen if Carrie cheats on her son with 'that loser Rafe'. Carrie tries denying anything has happened but Kate saw the look they gave each other at the pub. Carrie says she's committed to Austin. Kate just wants her to stay in the right bed and comments that Carrie hasn't said she's in love with Austin.

Rafe, Roman and Spencer head back to SPD and hope Will sees EJ for who and what he is, soon. Their plan of attack is to wait until EJ makes a mistake which should tell them whether or not he killed his father.

Sneak peek!

Sami and Lucas reminisce.

Daniel and Nicole get closer.

Bo and Hope prepare for Lexi's funeral.

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