Really Good At Being Bad.

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Melanie almost escapes, Chad learns about Lexi, and John learns Will's gay.

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Sami's surprised to find Lucas at her place. They discuss the charges against Will being dropped and Lucas isn't happy his son was outed to the world whether or not he wanted to be. Sami gnaws on an apple and beats herself up over how she handled Will coming out but she thinks she handled herself well today. He's proud of her. They run out to find Will.


At the pub, Sonny thinks it's great that Will is out to the world and cleared of murder. Will opens up about Roman's concerns. What if he doesn't come around? Sonny remembers he received the same reception from his uncle Vic.


John and Marlena show up at Abe's door with tears and hugs. In the garden, Cameron tries to get Celeste to head in to talk to Abe. She's not ready. She's sorry Cameron didn't have much time with Lexi. Cameron assures her he won't leave her. He's staying in Salem. Celeste assumes it's because of Abigail. She still has misgivings about Abigail and warns her son not to let Abby's darkness envelope him. Cam thinks he can protect her. Inside, Abe mutters about the flowers he and Lexi grew in the garden and how brave she was. They're surprised to learn Lexi was exposed to a toxic gas in the tunnels that caused her tumor. "She died because of Stefano," he tells them and Lexi knew. Still, she forgave him. Marlena receives a text about Will's release. John scoffs that the media doesn't check their facts but Marlena admits Will is gay. John's surprised she knew but it doesn't matter. Next time he sees him, he'll tell him he loves him. Abe respects those who learn their truths. So did Lexi. Abe realizes Chad may not know about Lexi so Marlena goes off to call him while John tells Abe it's okay not to stay strong. Abe figures he's still in shock. John cries and Abe talks about how Theo knew, the moment Lexi passed. Celeste and Cameron walk in and hug Abe. Everyone takes off and Theo asks, "Daddy, what do we do now?" They look at photos of Lexi together and flashback to better times.


Abigail watches Chad sniffling at the square. He tells her about the argument with Melanie and that she left. What does he do? Abby's just as baffled as he is. It's not like Melanie. Chad says he was angry that he didn't let his father into his life sooner and took it out on Mel. He's considering going to Europe to apologize in person. Gabi walks up and tells him it's a bad idea. She and Abby argue and Abby eventually agrees he should give Melanie time. Chad receives a call from Marlena, telling him Lexi's dead. He holds back the tears and hangs up. Abby hugs him while he cries. Later, she finds Cameron and Celeste and gives her condolences to them. Celeste gives her a chilly reception. Cam feels cheated and hopes he can be the kind of uncle Theo needs him to be. Nearby, Gabi offers to lend him support. Chad needs his sister more than ever now, and she's gone.


While Gabi heads upstairs at Andrew's place, Melanie escapes the basement and runs right into a masked Andrew, who tells her she's his honored guest. She races up the stairs but he captures her and drags her back to her room. He refuses to tell her what his motivation is but after that stunt, he may keep her there for the rest of her life. If she's good, he'll be good but if she's bad, he says, "I'm really good at being bad if you know what I mean?" She plays it cool and warns him that her boyfriend's a DiMera and her grandmother's married to a Kiriakis. If both families come after him, he's a dead man. Andrew had no idea. He fixes the lock and tells her he sent an email with a cover story. He'll keep up the charade for her. He leaves and tosses her cell in a nearby bin.


John and Marlena wind up outside the pub. Marlena takes a call and John heads in. Will tells Sonny his mother was really there for him today. It's something he hasn't felt in a long time. Lucas has been cool since the day he found out he was gay. John says, "Your old man's not the only one." John hugs him. He's proud of Will for owning his own truth. Will's overcome with emotion and gives Sonny and Marlena credit. He hugs his grandmother. "I wouldn't be me without you." Sami and Lucas arrive and Sami tells Will that nothing could make them love him any less. Will grins and Sami hugs him.

Sneak peek!

Kate sees how Carrie is with Rafe and issues her a warning!

Daniel openly wonders how much of the 'poor me' act Nicole has employed on him.

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