Grandpa, I'm Gay.

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Abe and EJ make peace, Andrew has something to show Gabi, and Will comes out to Roman.

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Bo and Hope watch Ciara and Theo playing at home. When Ciara asks when Uncle Abe and Aunt Lexi are coming back, Theo tells her his mommy just went to heaven. Hope starts to cry while Bo's jaw drops.


In their garden, Abe sobs over Lexi's body, begging her not to leave him. Her ghost floats outside her body and she smiles down at him. She tells him he'll be fine. "I need you to believe me." Abe feels he's all alone without her but Lexi's ghost tells him he's not alone. He has their son, friends and wonderful memories. Abe cries that he's not ready. "I'm never going to be ready," he bawls. Lexi tells him she'll never leave him and then hugs him. Hope arrives and Abe tells her Lexi's gone. Hope starts to cry while Lexi's spirit hovers nearby.


Gabi finds Andrew at the park and gushes about Melanie leaving Chad. Andrew recalls kidnapping Melanie but acts surprised. Now she has her shot with Chad. Andrew thinks Melanie might stay away forever. Gabi wishes she could be that fortunate but isn't sure Chad sees her for more than a friend. Andrew tells Gabi it'll be easy to keep Chad from talking to Melanie. Gabi's confused.


Melanie pounds on the door of her cell. She removes the bobby pin from her hair and attempts to unlock the door. Andrew and Gabi walk into the outer room. Andrew says it used to be a dark room. Gabi asks what this has to do with keeping Melanie and Chad from talking.


At the mansion, EJ orders Will to tell the police the truth about what happened the night his father was murdered. Will worries about coming out to the public this way. EJ receives a call from Hope, who whispers she's at Lexi's and she's sorry. "She passed away a few minutes ago." EJ stammers a thank-you and hangs up. He tells Will what happened. Will gives his condolences and touches his shoulder. What can he do? Nothing. EJ apologizes and asks to be excused.


Neil arrives at SPD to give Will an alibi. They were at Salem's gay bar, "The Spot," together. Roman turns up and Rafe fills him in. Roman doesn't buy that his grandson would spend the night in a gay bar. Neil claims that's where he and Will go when they go out together. Roman asks Sami to confirm this but she thinks he should ask Will, who just happens to walk in and confirms that he was with Neil the night of the murder. Roman thinks people might get the wrong impression if they hear he's been hanging at a gay bar. "You think it's better if they thought I murdered somebody?" Roman denies that but Will says the impression people will get is correct. "Grandpa, I'm gay," he admits. Roman breathes a big sigh and Rafe and Carrie are proud of him. He just made Carrie's job a lot easier. Roman thinks this will take some getting used to. Sami reminds him Will's still the same. Everyone leaves to get the charges dropped and Sami hugs Will with pride. She thanks Neil for coming clean and Neil hugs Will. Roman worries for Will, who says it was EJ's idea to come clean. Carrie runs in. "The charges have been dropped!"


Bo and Abe sit in the garden and Abe says he feels numb. A part of him is missing. Bo tries comforting him. He's glad his friend had the opportunity to say goodbye. Abe's grateful for that. He cries that he knew Lexi was hiding her pain. Bo thinks Abe gave Lexi everything she needed and wanted and hugs him. Inside, Hope calls Celeste and asks her to come as soon as she can. Lexi's ghost puts a hand on Theo's shoulder and grins. Without looking, he knows it's her. "Hi Mommy. Do you have to go?" She is sorry but she has to. She asks him to take care of daddy. She tells him she loves him. She'll always be there when he needs her. She hugs him as Abe and Bo walk in. Bo tells Abe that Theo sensed Lexi's passing. Abe's not surprised. Theo's always had an amazing connection with his mother. Theo tells his daddy his mommy told him to look after him now. They hug and Lexi blows him a kiss and watches as. EJ arrives. Bo is sorry for his loss. Theo hugs EJ and goes to play with Ciara. Abe tells EJ how it happened and EJ says he doesn't want to intrude. Hope and Bo leave the room. EJ admits Lexi was his best and only friend - the most important person in both their lives. "What do they do now?" Lexi tells them they'll find a way but first, they need to make peace with each other. Abe wants to honor Lexi's wishes for peace. "You're welcome here anytime," Abe says. "You are our family." EJ is touched and thanks Abe and the men embrace. Hope and Bo return. Hope called Cameron, Celeste and Brandon. Lexi's ghost heads upstairs and then fades away.


Will finds Sonny at the pub and tells him the charges are dropped but he'll be outed soon. Sonny gives Will advice and hugs him.

Sneak peek!

Chad is gutted to learn his sister has died.

John hears Will is gay and is fine with it.

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