Wake up! Wake Up!

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Lexi passes on, EJ learns that Will has an alibi the night Stefano was shot, and Mel goes missing.

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Melanie senses someone's following her as she walks by the pub. Andrew keeps his distance while he follows.

At the square, Chad is adamant that he needs to find Melanie to apologize. Gabi attempts to stop him.


Lexi's hands shake as she tries to take medication at home. Abe walks in. He'd like to go on a picnic but she's not up for it. Instead, she'd like to spend the day snuggling. They do that for a while and head into the garden where the roses are blooming. Lexi remembers the summer they bought the house and how Abe created this beautiful dream garden for her. She thanks him for always putting her first. He thanks her for giving him a chance. They grin and Abe kisses her cheek and her hand.


Sami meets Justin at the pub. She wants him to help her with Will's case. Carrie arrives and Sami realizes Justin wants her to hire her sister. Sami's reluctant because of her personal issues with Carrie so Justin gives them a moment alone. Carrie apologizes for her mistakes but Sami worries about hiring a lawyer who is in bed literally with the cops. Carrie states her case. Sami's desperate and agrees to give Carrie the job, reminding her Will's whole future is resting on her shoulders.


Billie finds Rafe at SPD. She wants to help with the case and thinks EJ's the shooter. She reminds him of the bank statements she found in the mansion. She's positive they're related to the pension fund and is sure Stefano stole the money from EJ. Billie wants to help get evidence.


At the mansion, Will asks if EJ killed his father. EJ thinks he has some nerve asking that but Will points out that his life's on the line. He certainly has motivation. EJ wonders why he'd bail Will out. He'd have taken advantage of Will being in jail. EJ decides to help Will but needs him to tell him everything that happened that night. EJ's certain Will left out something. Will tells EJ what he did the night Stefano was shot. EJ can't believe he hasn't told Roman all of this. EJ believes Will and doesn't think he's a bad person. Foolish maybe. EJ says Will needs to tell the truth.


Melanie walks down to the pier and watches for her stalker. She tells them to come out or leave her alone. Andrew, in a ski mask, rushes at her and chloroforms her. Gabi and Chad walk by and Melanie hears Chad talking about buying roses for her. Chad hears something. Melanie struggles for a moment and then passes out. Gabi drags him away. "This place is creeping me out." Andrew breathes a sigh of relief. "That was close you little bitch. You almost ruined everything," he complains.


Justin brings Sami and Carrie to SPD and tells them Rafe's taking over for Roman. Sami accuses Carrie of knowing this already. She flies off the handle and runs off with Justin following. Carrie apologizes to Rafe. She didn't know he was working the case. Rafe sees no problem with them working together. They start discussing the case, wondering why EJ bailed Will out. Carrie urges Rafe to go by the book. They share a moment and Rafe feels there's a missing piece to the puzzle. Sami barges in and orders them to hurry up. Neil, Will's friend, arrives with an alibi for Will. They were at a gay bar together that night.


Gabi follows Chad to the square. They've searched everywhere and can't find Melanie so Chad calls her cell. Andrew finds it and ignores the call. Chad makes a call to Will and apologizes for his outburst earlier. He knows Will didn't kill his father. When asked, Will says he hasn't seen Melanie. Gabi calls Melanie a bit of a drama queen. She's sure Mel will turn up tomorrow.


Back in Abe and Lexi's garden, the couple lies on a blanket and reminisces about their past together. He bought more flowers for a bare spot in the yard that needs her magical green thumb. Lexi appears worried. He talks about how Theo's worried about getting rid of his training wheels. Lexi calls him an amazing father. Abe's doing his best and hopes it is enough. "You're going to do just fine," she promises. He worries about what he'll do if he makes a mistake. Lexi reminds him he's going to make hundreds of mistakes but he has family as back-up. Abe promises to do what he can to make her proud. "You already do," she tells him. They kiss. Abe thinks they should renew their wedding vows tomorrow at a picnic. Lexi tears up. This is the most romantic thing he has ever said to her. She thinks it's a good idea. "I love you so much honey," she whispers. She calls them two of the luckiest people in the world. Abe tells her he loves her. She wants to stay out until it's dark, to count the stars. She snuggles in and passes on quietly. Abe starts to cry and call out her name. "Wake up. Wake up," he sobs.


Andrew takes an unconscious Melanie to his basement cell while he reads her text messages to Chad. He can tell she really cares for him and ignores yet another call from Chad. Andrew leaves the room and Melanie wakes up wondering where the hell she is. She pounds on the door while Andrew sends a text. Chad reads and looks upset. It reads, "Dear Chad I can't forgive what you said. I deserve to be treated better which is why I think we need a break. I'm going to Europe to be with my mother. Don't call or text, just please leave me alone." Gabi reads it, flabbergasted but secretly happy. Andrew reads a text Chad replies with, begging her to stay. Andrew removes the cell battery and then watches Melanie while Gabi consoles Chad.

Sneak peek!

Lexi's spirit returns.

Gabi is closer to Melanie than she thinks!

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