Sweating Like A Street Junkie.

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Brady takes a drug test, Maggie must make a choice about her relationship with Victor, and Abby has a surprise for Cameron.

Sweating Like A Street Junkie. image

At home, Victor begs Maggie to give him another chance. She's been warned against trusting him and thinks they're too different. Victor understands. He doesn't believe he deserves her. She remembers her own transgressions in her marriage to Mickey. Victor tells her he won't contest a divorce. He loves her. Maggie does an about face and decides to go back to him if he'll agree never to withhold the truth from her. They start kissing and make plans to tell Daniel the truth.


Brady slurps the rest of his protein shake at Titan as he, Ian and Madison discuss an ad campaign. Brady starts sweating and pacing and Ian leaves. Madison asks Brady what his problem is. Since she thinks he's high, he calls Daniel to schedule a drug test. They agree to meet and Brady assures Madi he values their relationship. Everything will be fine. He leaves and Ian returns. He tries finagling information about Brady from her but she doesn't bite. He knows Brady was high. He was 'shaking and sweating like a street junkie'. Madi doesn't want to discuss her private life but Ian insists he cares about her. She scoffs but Ian reminds her of the first time they met. He cared for her then and still does today. He accuses her of settling with Brady but she denies this. He accuses Brady of using and Madi explains where Brady is now.


Abigail meets Cam at the pub. She got VIP tickets for them to see Black Eyed Peas in Chicago but he can't go. It's his turn to look after Theo today. Cameron suggests she invite Chad. Abby considers it but ends up giving her tickets to a kid at a nearby table, who is floored with her generosity. She goes back to her table and tells Cameron what she did.


Brady meets Daniel at the square. He feels on edge but isn't taking any drugs. He wants the drug test as proof for Madison. It's killing him that she mistrusts him. They decide to do a full work-up and head to the hospital. Abby and Cameron get ice cream nearby and Abigail suggests they take Theo berry picking. He laughs and thinks that's code for something. He's never been. Daniel and Brady return and Brady admits he has stopped going to AA meetings because he felt so good. Daniel suggests he talk to Maggie. He'll take him there. Later, Cameron and Abby return after berry picking with Theo and Ciara. They start making out. Cam talks about being a big city boy but he's looking for a job on staff at University Hospital. He doesn't want to leave Theo or her.


Brady and Daniel turn up at Victor's. Brady and Maggie head to the living room alone and he explains what's been going on. He hasn't used but has the symptoms. In the foyer, Victor worries but Daniel thinks Brady's doing the right thing by talking with Maggie. Victor says he and Maggie have had issues but are back together. He alludes to having something to discuss with him another time and remembers his ex-wives. Daniel forgot he was married to Nicole. He tells Daniel all about Nicole's past and that he wouldn't wish her on his worst enemy. He takes that back. Since Nicole's married to EJ, he deserves her. Daniel points out that they're getting a divorce. Victor pities the next man in line. In the living room, Maggie admits she too has had urges to drink. Brady insists everything in his life is amazing. Maggie suggests since he's close to getting everything he has ever wanted that he's afraid. They say the Serenity Prayer and Brady tells her about the drug test. She's puzzled but tells him she's there for him whenever he needs her. He and Daniel leave and Maggie and Victor dine. He's sorry for everything.


Brady and Daniel arrive at Titan to tell Madi that they're awaiting test results. Daniel leaves and Brady admits he saw his sponsor. Madison apologizes for mistrusting him. "I mean you were an addict you know?" She wants to put it behind them. They hug. Ian watches from the doorway.

Sneak peek!

EJ realizes he has evidence the police don't yet know about.

Melanie's kidnapped.

Lexi passes on.

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