Under Arrest!

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Roman makes an arrest, Carrie talks with Rafe, and Gabi's plan goes awry.

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In the park, Austin fusses over Carrie. She grins. Rafe appears and sees them kiss. Rafe tells them he's back on the force. Austin says he heard the paternity test showed him to be the father of Nicole's baby, and offers congratulations. Austin leaves, and Carrie confronts Rafe about lying to her. Rafe insists he's not the father - he never slept with Nicole. They agree Nicole must have switched the results. Carrie says it doesn't matter anyway - they can't be together. Rafe needs to know that's what she really wants. Carrie says she's wanted a family with Austin for so long. She tells Rafe the life they were planning is one they'll never have a chance to live. She assures him they're doing the right thing.


In the square, Chad tells Melanie she must be glad Stefano's dead. Melanie reassures him. Chad opens up about trying to connect with Stefano, but says now it's too late. Melanie assures him Stefano knew he cared, and Chad was special to him. Chad knows some are happy Stefano's gone, but he's still his father. Nearby, Andrew gives Gabi a hard time, but she's watching Chad and Melanie. Andrew reminds her she hired him to be her stalker. Gabi informs him she'll call if she needs him, for now he should leave her alone. She approaches Chad and Melanie and pulls Chad into a hug. Melanie makes a face of disbelief. Chad invites Gabi to join them. Melanie rubs her brow. Gabi gets some takeout salads and insists on checking them before they leave - she finds a dead rodent in hers. A waitress is called to find out if anyone suspicious was in the kitchen. Gabi throws herself into Chad's arms.


At the cafe, Roman is about to question Will when Lucas appears. Sami tells him her dad thinks their son murdered Stefano. Lucas says he had nothing to do with it, but Will says he had a gun. Will tells Roman he was looking for EJ at the DiMera house that night. Roman tells them he wants Will to take him to the gun. Sami and Lucas say it's gone. Roman demands to know what happened to it. Will says he saw Lucas put the gun in the safe at the pub, and then took it out, pulled it apart, and threw it in storm drains all over town. Roman questions his zeal to get rid of a gun he never fired, and asks why he touched the gun at the DiMera house - it was foolish. He insists Will be tested for gunshot residue.


Austin meets Billie at the pub and she's over the top to hear he's becoming a father. He says he can't wait. She asks if Carrie is happy too. Austin is defensive, wondering why she'd ask that. He insists they are solid; happy. He denies being worried about her having feelings for Rafe, and asks Billie to be happy for them. Billie says she's happy and she'll spoil the baby.


At the station, Roman tells Sami and Lucas that it's standard procedure to test for gunshot residue. Sami says it will come back negative and then they can put this behind them. Roman and Will leave, and Lucas asks if she really believes that. He says Will's made it look like he's hiding something, and reminds Sami that he tried to murder EJ. Sami says he's not capable of that now. Will returns and tells them he didn't do it. Sami hugs him and reassures him. Roman appears. He says Will tested positive for gunpowder residue. Sami protests, but Roman says he has to place Will under arrest for the murder of Stefano!


Austin returns to the park and tells Carrie he told Billie they're pregnant. Rafe watches as they canoodle. Austin tells Rafe to tell Nicole they're happy for her. Rafe goes, and Carrie tells Austin she has all that she needs. She apologizes for what she's put him through. He says they made it through everything and now it's just them and their baby - it's the way it's meant to be. Carrie wants to pick a house. Austin's thrilled. They wonder whether to find out the sex of their baby and discuss nursery themes.


In the square, the waitress returns to say a guy was in the kitchen, but they've no description. Chad and Melanie want to call the cops, but Gabi says no. Chad asks what is wrong with her. Rafe appears and Chad goes to tell him. Rafe tells Gabi she needs to stop modelling and he is going to the station to file a report. Andrew watches as he leads her away.

Sneak peek!

Will declares his innocence but admits he fired the gun he bought - only to test it.

Roman suggests Carrie represent Will.

Rafe almost catches EJ searching for the document claiming EJ's not Stefano's son.

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