Fifty Shades Of Messed Up.

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Roman questions more suspects, and the DNA test results are in.

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Will has coffee at the Coffee Bean with Sonny. They discuss Stefano's death. Will admits EJ fired him because Stefano blackmailed him to break up EJ and Nicole and Rafe and his mother. Sonny realizes Will used him. "That's twisted, man." Will's sorry and asks to earn his forgiveness. Sonny relaxes. Will has lost so much but is glad Stefano's dead. Sonny hushes him, worried someone will overhear and think he killed Stefano.


Hope and Bo turn up at Marlena and John's to tell them ballistics came back and found matches for 8 prints on Abe's gun, which is the murder weapon. The prints include the four of them. Marlena apologizes profusely for lying to John about confronting Stefano last night. Bo names the rest of the suspects and Marlena has a cow when she learns Will was there.


Nicole waits for the DNA test results to return with Rafe at Daniel's office. She flashes to Daniel catching her switching the results and excuses Rafe from being tied to her side. Daniel arrives. The results will be ready momentarily. Rafe considers that EJ won't be such a bastard now that Stefano's gone. Nicole's skeptical.


Roman turns up at Sami's with Stefano's will, which he gives to EJ. It proves EJ had motive to kill Stefano. EJ reads it. It hasn't been executed and it's the first he has heard of it but Stefano does stuff like this all the time to keep him in line. Roman says EJ's fingerprints were found on the murder weapon. EJ confesses he was there last night and saw a gun but left because his father wasn't home. Roman asks him to submit to a gunshot residue test and tells him not to leave Salem. Roman leaves and makes a call to Rafe to reinstate him as a cop. Inside, Sami doesn't believe EJ killed his father. She thinks he's 'fifty shades of messed up'.


Back at the cafe, Sonny tells Will he doesn't want him to get into trouble. Sami barges in to rant at her son for not returning her messages. She's worried about him. Will says he's fine. Sami asks Will how she can help. Will doesn't want her kind of help. He thinks she wants to help him because he's gay but she assures him it has nothing to do with that. Will grabs Sonny. How would she feel if she knew they were in love? Sami looks flabbergasted but says she's happy for him. Sonny tells Will to stop it and admits Will used him to make her feel uncomfortable. Will apologizes, smirking. Sonny can tell Sami's trying. "Don't make it harder than it needs to be, Will," Sonny says. Sami asks Will to stay with her. Roman interrupts to question Will. Sami blabs about the gun Will had and how Lucas took it away. Roman says the murder weapon's Abe's and asks why Will was at Stefano's last night.


Back at the hospital, Daniel wants to discuss the attempted DNA switch but EJ arrives. Rafe returns and Daniel tells them Rafe's the father. EJ is shocked. He thinks Daniel's lying and grabs the results. He accuses Nicole of switching the test results and wants another test but Nicole has humored him once. EJ begs her to admit the truth. Daniel and Rafe leave the room while EJ tells her he's losing everything he loves in his life. She's sorry but sticks to her story. He offers to raise the kid with her but she refuses. He tells her it'll never be over between them and leaves Nicole sobbing. Rafe and Daniel return. Rafe wonders how this happened. He'll get to the bottom of it but now he has to go to SPD since he's back on the force. He leaves and Nicole sings Daniel's praises and hugs him. He did this for her child who deserves better than a DiMera for a father. Nicole thinks he's the best. She hugs him with a sly look.

Roman turns up at the townhouse with Kent to question the foursome. Kent takes a call in the hall and Roman hopes he hasn't walked in on a cover-up. Bo denies it. Roman reminds them they've all lied to him. "Sorry that was wrong," Bo admits. The rest agree they should have come forth. Did they kill Stefano? John speaks for them all, denying it. Roman tells them to come to SPD for a gunshot residue test and leaves. Bo and Hope go and Marlena gasps for air and jumps into John's arms. She could completely understand how "somebody" could shoot Stefano. Later she throws her red raincoat in a bag, planning on giving it to the shelter.


At SPD, Hope and Bo agree if they have something to say, they'd tell each other. They hug and both look guilty.

Sneak peek!

Andrew pulls a stunt on Gabi, trying to help her.

Chad tells Rafe that Gabi's being stalked. Rafe tells his sister her modelling days are over.

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