Picking My Carcass Clean.

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Roman questions some of the suspects in Stefano's murder.

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Roman reads the Salem Spectator, smirking at the news of Stefano DiMera's murder when another officer drops by. Martine Kent is his shadow today. Roman tells her the Governor is sending someone else to assist since he's connected to most of the suspects. Roman wants to ensure this investigation goes by the book. They'll start with Abe carver and Kate Roberts DiMera before moving to EJ DiMera.


Abe picks out the newspaper at his door and heads in. He throws it in the bin. Lexi sees and retrieves it. She needs to know what happened. Roman and Officer Kent arrive and Roman tells Abe he is a suspect. His gun was found at the scene of the crime as the murder weapon. Abe admits he threatened Stefano with his gun last night but didn't kill him. Theo arrives and Lexi takes him into the kitchen and Abe says he left his gun behind because he didn't trust himself not to use it later. He had a twisted fantasy that Stefano would use the gun on himself. Lexi returns. She believes him. Roman asks him to submit to a gunshot residue test. The cops leave and Lexi peruses family photos. Part of Abe is relieved Stefano won't be around Theo. They debate about Stefano's part in her tumor. Abe says Andre was Stefano's puppet, and Abe can't make peace with it. Lexi gets a headache and Abe gives her medicine. Lexi says she has forgiven her father. She loves their friends and if one of them has done it, she doesn't want to know.


Kate reads the news at Titan and remembers threatening Stefano with a gun. She tells Ian it's hard to think of Stefano as gone. Ian wonders if she must be a little relieved. Kate rehashes what Stefano did to her. They debate about whether or not Stefano can get to Ian from the grave. Ian smirks but Kate's sure Stefano would have gone for Ian next, after he finished 'picking her carcass clean'. Ian argues that no man cheats death but Kate knows he's wrong. Stefano has been "dead" so many times, she has lost count. She starts to cry. She feels terrible about it. He holds her hand and asks her to let it go. Did she kill Stefano? The cops interrupt. Ian excuses himself and Roman questions Kate. She was furious enough to do it but she didn't kill Stefano. She claims she doesn't know why her fingerprints were on the murder weapon. Ian pokes his head in just as Kate sobs, "Why would I murder someone I am so deeply and desperately in love with?" Stefano was the only one to pick up the pieces when "that happened with Bill Horton." Ian raises an eyebrow. Kate knows it wasn't conventional but their relationship evolved. Roman's sorry Stefano hurt her. Ian comes in and Roman asks for a gunshot residue test. The cops leave. Ian tells her it's time to exorcise her demons. Kate knows but she loved Stefano and now he's gone. She feels sad and guilty. Ian again asks if she killed Stefano.


EJ runs through the park to the pub and stops, panting heavily. He flashes to threatening his father. Sami finds him and can't imagine what he's been going through. He appreciates her concern. He's shocked. Sami reminds him Stefano's the Phoenix. "Are you sure he's really dead?"


EJ and Sami arrive at her place. The kids are at camp. EJ tells her he identified Stefano's body and has no leads. He agrees he had a million reasons to want Stefano gone. Sami knows EJ is Stefano's golden child. EJ flashes to being told he's not Stefano's son. Sami wonders if she'll still run CW. EJ doesn't think she has anything to worry about. EJ's head of the family. He hadn't thought about that. Sami thinks this is his chance to let go of his dad's baggage and run things as he sees fit. "If you do, we might have a chance." EJ looks at her puzzled. "We." She means the family. EJ thinks she's right but he has a few loose ends to tie up first. Roman and Kent arrive. Since Stefano died last night, why isn't EJ taking matters into his own hands as he usually does? Roman assumes EJ already knows who the killer is.

Sneak peek!

EJ urges Nicole to reconcile with him.

Will gets fired up about Stefano causing him to lose his job with EJ. Sonny cautions him to be careful about what he says.

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