Say your goodbyes...

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

Abby finds out who Jed really is, Mimi finds out who killed her father, and EJ admits he's after Sami!

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Jed and Abby arrive at Chez Rouge and Maggie thinks Jed is cute so she gives the two lunch on the house! Jed flirts with Abby and tells her she's beautiful. She is embarrassed and looks down while she admits that she doesn't her those words that often. Jed thinks that the people in Salem must be crazy not to notice her. Jed brings up the guy she's "kind of seeing" and she admits that she lied but she does like someone. She says that the guy likes her, but he's involved right now. She calls the other woman (Mimi) needy and says it's a complicated mess! Jed tells her that he thinks Max wants his cake and wants to eat it too! Abby is offended and tells Jed he knows nothing about it. Jed is quick to apologize but tells her "If you want to go after some guy who is involved with someone else, who am I to say anything?" She explains that she and Max have a connection and Jed understands. He urges her to 'go for it' with Max. Willow comes into the restaurant and Abby tells Jed who Willow is and that she was a hooker. . Jed is clearly upset and says "Let me re-introduce myself. I'm Jed Stark! Willow is my sister!"


Willow comes to Maggie to ask for her job back. She appeals to Maggie's sensitive side and talks about being pregnant with Shawn's child but not having any money. Maggie scoffs at her and refuses to give her job back. Jed overhears the conversation and goes over to Willow as Nick enters the restaurant. Abby explains what's going on as Jed talks to Willow.


Jed asks, "Willy, why are you here?" She lies and tells him she's off to a business meeting, but he accuses her of lying again. He heard her trying to get her job back, he says. She admits she was a waitress and he asks her about the baby. She can't answer and runs off. Abby asks him to let her go, "She's upset and needs to be alone," Abby tells him, but Jed hightails it after his sister. He doesn't know where she lives, so needs to find her now!

Abby turns to Nick and tells her cousin that she has issues with relationships! He gives his cousin advice. "It's time to move on." Abby frowns and thinks he may be right. Maybe she should move on from Max and Jed.

Outside Chez Rouge, Jed calls out for Willow, while inside Maggie calls [Hope] about Willow.


Max arrives at the Lockhart house. Mimi explains that Bonnie is out on bail. Nick comes to the door and tells Mimi and Max that the tests are back. The blood on her father's ring belongs to Mimi! Nick did the test twice, he says and as Mimi cries, he leaves. Max tries to comfort Mimi, who doesn't understand how her blood could be on the ring. Bonnie comes home and instead of a greeting, Mimi asks her who gave her the bail money. Bonnie claims that Victor Kiriakis gave it to her. Mimi accuses her mom of lying, and tells her about her blood being on the ring. Bonnie flings off her coat and tells her daughter that she should have left things alone. Mimi raises her voice. "For once in your life, jus tell me the truth." She pleads." "Okay, I'll tell you, but you're not going to like it. In fact, you'll wish you never knew!" Bonnie promises as she downs a shot of booze! She starts to tell the story.. David came home with lipstick all over his shirt and she went off on him. She says she was tired of him spending every dime they had on some floozy and they fought. She says she must have pushed him too far, because he hit her. He had never hit her in the past. Mimi came into the house and her father hit her in the face. That's how the blood ended up on the ring. She says, after David hit her he tried to strangle Bonnie and Mimi grabbed a baseball bat and hit her father on the head with it. "You hit him, he fell, there was blood he was dead." Bonnie finishes. During the entire flashback storytelling, Mimi sobs uncontrollably and says, "I couldn't have killed my own father! NO!" Bonnie explains that after it happened she gave Mimi something to help her sleep. Bonnie encourages Mimi to leave Salem for good and promises she'll take the rap for her.


Mimi wails and blubbers, "How? How can I do that?" She paces and cries that she can't desert her mom, but Bonnie begs her. She asks her to go to Arizona and be with Connor so that he doesn't end up like she and Patrick. Bonnie tells Mimi, "You saved my life that night and it's my turn to save yours." She knows she has been a bad mother but wants more for her daughter and Connor. "But you have to go, now tonight." She demands. Mimi flashes back to the night in question. She finally remembers! Bonnie pleads with Max to force Mimi to leave and he tells Mimi that her mom is right. "You have to leave." He lets her know that he'll support her, whether she leaves or not. Mimi worries about what will happen to her mom, but Bonnie's inner strength shows and she tells her daughter she'll turn on the sprinklers in court and the judge will go lenient on her. Mimi and Bonnie tell one another they love each other and hug before Bonnie rushes Mimi out. Mimi leaves Salem. [This is the last episode you'll see Mimi and Bonnie in.]


Lucas shows up at EJ's door. He's puzzled as to why Sami is there and she asks to talk about it later, but he barges in and asks EJ why he called and hung up on him. EJ smiles and tells Lucas that Sami hung up. Lucas is confused and looks from one to the other. He says, "Someone is going to tell me the truth!" Lucas doesn't trust EJ, he admits and tells EJ that his stipulation for agreeing to work for him was that he'd move out of the building, so he asks why he hasn't yet! EJ tells Lucas it takes time to move to a new place but Lucas wants him out now, and asks him to keep his deal and move out right away. Lucas turns to Sami and tells her that he thinks that EJ won't leave because he wants to be closer to her! EJ tells Lucas that the accusations are becoming tiresome and today is a day for the truth. He closes the door and tells them that it's going to be interesting. EJ tells Lucas, "I'll be direct as that does seem to be your preference." He tells Lucas that he gave him a job when nobody else would touch him with a ten foot poll and he still gets insubordination from him! EJ promises to give Lucas the truth. "I never had any intentions of moving out of this flat because of you, Samantha!" He goes on to tell her that he can't seem to get enough of her. "And since I have the maturity of a 15 year old, I don't want anyone else to have you." He confesses. He asks Lucas what the consequences would be if he stayed. Lucas reassures him, "I'll quit and move my family to another town." Sami's eyes widen and EJ asks if Lucas is serious. He is, he expresses, so EJ agrees to move out as soon as possible. Lucas goes to find some boxes for EJ to help pack while EJ keeps Sami behind to ensure she does his bidding [getting all information about his case from Roman].


Sami and Lucas leave EJ's place and Sami throws Lucas up against the wall and starts kissing him. She tells him that she only went to see EJ so that she could get him to leave them alone. They run off to shower together!

EJ watches them from his doorway and then calls for an update about his father. He gives him a message "Our plans will proceed. Tell him I love him."


Steve arrives at Salem Inn. Kayla tells him that John is back at University Hospital and safe, for now. She is upset and tells him she could lose her medical license. She grabs the phone and asks him to turn himself in but he hangs it up and asks her for money so that he can leave Salem for a while. Kayla refuses to give him money to leave and they argue about whether or not he should leave town. He tries to leave and she stops him. She reminds him that he could hurt innocent people and would have nobody to help him. She begs him not to run away and holds him close. Steve apologizes and asks her what she's doing with someone like him. She tells him she loves him, but he tells her to give up on him. "I'm a danger to you and your family, don't you get it?" he asks. Kayla is strong and tells him, "If you want to leave, you'll have to kill me first!" Steve starts to weep quietly, "Kayla, baby" She tells him she's going to call for help and when she goes to call, he runs to the door. The police are there to take Steve away. He struggles with them and yells at Kayla for betraying him. Steve is arrested and read his rights while Kayla apologizes."You just signed my death warrant baby, and this time I won't be coming back," he yells to Kayla.


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Willow tells Hope that if something happens to her, "Like if I show up dead and the autopsy shows that this baby is Shawns, your rep as Saint Hope will be gone!"

Shawn tells Belle that Willow and his relationship was just about sex. Belle retorts, "Then how do I know that when you put your hands all over me, thats its not just sex too?"

Kayla is at Salem PD with Steve and the police officers. She cries to Steve," I want the man I love to come home to me." Steve is full of rage and tells Kayla, "I am going to die here, knowing that it was you who killed me."

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