Unicorn Highway.

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Madison tells the truth, Victor drops a bomb of his own, and Chad turns Kate down.

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While sparring at the spa, Quinn takes Brady down and lectures him about channeling his anger. Brady vents about John not being able to get any financing for Basic Black. Quinn commiserates but Brady scoffs. He blames Quinn for the attacks on hookers. Quinn says he'll always feel guilt. In fact, he's in therapy. Brady wishes him good luck and apologizes. He spoke with Chloe and knows that Quinn wrote to her with an apology and helped promote Chloe's opening night. He was also instrumental in Carly going sober.


In the square, Madison interviews Abby. Madison is concerned that she's over-extended herself already with her other jobs but Abby makes a good case about being a natural born multi-tasker. She's hired. Nearby, Bo and Hope tell Stefano they set him up. They know he holds the second key to the safe deposit box he shares with Alice. What's he and Alice hiding? Stefano sighs, admits he shares the box with Alice. He invites them to take a look at what's inside after he sees Hope's key. They leave. Brady finds Madison, who tells him she hasn't made a decision on the CEO job at Titan. She confesses Sami's a mole and brushes it off. All is fair in love and lipstick, Madison claims. Brady's furious that she doesn't see it as being unethical and he doesn't like her using his sister. Madison tells him how personal this is. He hates it but she can't pull out now. Nearby, Quinn bumps into Abby, and she tells him about her intern news. He brings up her and Melanie's troubles. Brady and Madison walk by and Madison admits she wants Abby to become a model for MW. Brady suggests she ask Quinn too but Madison has other plans for Mr. Hudson.


Chad shows up at Countess Wilhelmina and Abby gushes that Kate has offered them both jobs as the new faces of CW. Chad has no interest and wonders what's in it for Kate. Kate informs Gabi that Chad believes in DiMera conspiracy theories. Kate's simply doing this for her business. Chad's sarcastic and refuses the job. Kate will have to find a new couple, causing Chad to feel guilty and pressured. Kate leaves the room and Chad calls Gabi gorgeous, though she doesn't feel that way since she seemed to turn Will's stomach. Chad assures her again that she's beautiful and decides to take the job, knowing how much it'll mean to her.


Sonny and Will meet with two marketing guys, Kareem and Dustin, who are working on the promotional campaign for the new coffee house. They started the new campaign for "Unicorn Highway" and it's doing so well they've had to turn guys away. Will seems surprised that Salem has a gay bar. He smirks and Sonny grins knowingly. Sonny has a thing for Dustin so Will promises to put in a good word. Later, they all go around the table discussing how they came out. Dustin asks how Will came out to his parents and Will laughs nervously. Sonny saves Will by making a joke about wanting the conversation to revolve around him and the guys take off to leave. Will acts like it's no big deal that the guys thought he was gay.


At the Kirakis mansion, Melanie mopes. Daniel's leaving town today. Jenn walks up, shocked that he's leaving so soon. Everyone leaves the room and Jenn voices her displeasure and surprise. He says he's going to Australia for starters. He's tired of the painful memories in Salem but will always have fond memories of her. They hug and she weeps. Victor returns and Daniel thanks him for all his support. He hands over his father's pocket watch as a gift of thanks. He tears up and calls the mansion home. Victor almost spills that he knew Maggie was his mother but catches himself. He goes off and Daniel says goodbye to Mel, Jenn and Maggie gives him a compass to remember her by. Jenn gives him a passionate kiss goodbye.

Hope paces and worries at the bank. It would have been Gran's birthday. Before they open the box, Stefano asks if Hope's sure she wants to know this secret that Alice went through a lot of trouble to keep. Bo can see Hope's not ready, so they decide not to open it.


Will winds up home. He looks at a photo of him and Sami and then stares at the mirror before spitting at his image.


Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Jenn tells Abe, "I have a way to stop him and EJ will never see it coming."

"Are you asking me to be your spy?" Will asks Nicole.

Rafe says, "There is the Sami I love." "You could have fooled me," Sami retorts.

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