Smoke And Mirrors.

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Nicole suspects EJ is keeping something from her, Rafe and Carrie bond, and Lexi and Abe have a stand-off with EJ.

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Nicole and EJ wake up in his bed together. EJ mentions a meeting with Will and Nicole asks if he’s ready to tell her the real story of why he hired him. He tries to distract her with kisses but she sees through it and keeps on him about Will before getting frustrated. She doesn’t think it’s coincidence that the day after he hired Will he announced Abe’s secret job plan as his own. She angrily tells him that she felt like an idiot when Jenn confronted her and that she deserves to know. They go back and forth before EJ declares that it’s in her best interest not to know and heads to the shower. While alone, Nicole makes a secret call requesting personal files on EJ.


In their office Rafe and Carrie are sharing a laugh when Sami arrives. She asks if she’s interrupting anything and didn't realize law and order work could be so amusing. Carrie and Rafe try to explain their crazy day in the overheated office and that they both brought in fans to cool off. Sami doesn’t get the inside joke and shrugs it off. Carrie gets back to work letting Sami have a moment to tell Rafe about Gabi and the photo shoot. She complains they don’t see each other enough and as Rafe leans in for a kiss the heater makes a loud clunk prompting Carrie and Rafe to break into laughter again.


At the pub Lexi rants to Abe about EJ. She wonders how he got a hold of Abe’s job creation plan then declares that she'll never be fooled into believing her brother again. It’s the end of the road for them. Hope and Bo rush in to talk about the new police initiative to arrest and prosecute Salem’s most wanted criminals. Abe will stand behind it and shares the details of EJ gaining access to his files with them. Lexi’s frustrated by EJ’s tricks and Abe announces they have to kick the campaign into overdrive. He declares that there isn’t any way EJ can lower the crime rate and Hope comments that his specialty is raising it. They chat more before Abe authorizes Bo and Hope to hire whoever they need to clean up Salem requesting they do it now and do it fast. After Abe and Lexi leave, Bo and Hope meet with Rafe and Carrie. After a brief discussion, Bo and Hope hire them as part of their new task force. They chit chat about business before talking about the mystery of Mrs. H’s key. Hope admits that she thinks the other key holder of Gran’s safety deposit box might be Stefano. After Bo and Hope leave, Carrie shares her concerns over taking the job but still agrees to it. Sami wanders out to see them having another laugh together.


At the square Will receives a text from EJ to meet him there for his next assignment. Marlena surprises him and they sit down for coffee. Will seems anxious and Marlena wonders if he’s meeting someone but he claims to have a lot going on. Soon she brings up his anger towards Sami and how it’s only hurting him. She implores him to confront her. He counters by saying that since Sami has never given Marlena a chance why should he give her one. Marlena is launched into a speech about how she loves Sami. EJ and Nicole come over and a displeased Marlena asks them, "What’s going on here?" EJ admits that Will is part of his campaign team. Marlena tries to talk to Will and becomes even angrier when Nicole and EJ take over their table. She pulls Will away to talk about his job. He assures her it’s great and that it has nice perks before he heads back to talk to EJ. EJ sends him off on an errand and Will races off, right past Abe and Lexi who then stop by EJ’s table. They accuse him of all the atrocities he’s done but EJ takes it all in stride and suggests Abe prepare for the debates or make a job plan. Abe declares he won’t get away with it. An irate Lexi takes her turn berating EJ. Harsh words are slung back and forth before Abe declares that smoke and mirrors won’t last forever. When Lexi calls her brother soulless EJ claims it’s just business. Nearby, Marlena runs into Sami and requests she talk to Will. Sami goes off on her for her job as a mom. Sami throws the past in her face and leaves. Later, Marlena catches up with Will again and warns him nothing good ever comes from associating with a DiMera.


Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Nicole tells Will, "There’s something I need you to do for me."

Marlena demands EJ stay away from Will.

An emotional Maggie tells Daniel, "We're not friends here, we’re family and no distance can change that."

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